Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Female Version of Male Names

Do you have a dad or brother or grandfather you'd like to honor but are having a girl? There are so many ways to honor a person and one of which is picking a variant of that name. There are many names out there that have feminine versions of boy names and vice versa. Below I have a list of female variants of male names.

Joseph- Josephine, Josepha 
Stephan- Stephanie 
Eric- Erika/Erica 
Andrew- Andrea
Philip- Philipa, Pippa
George- Georgia, Georgine, Georgina 
Christopher- Christine, Christy, Christa 
Justin- Justina, Justice 
Michael- Michelle, Michaela
Nicholas- Nicolette, Nicole, Nicola
Peter- Petra
William- Willa, Wilhelmina

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