Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Halloweek: Halloween Place Names

I love a good place name and I love Halloween so why not combined them and make a whole blog post about it! Below I have 8 great mostly fictional place names from halloween movies. I have to say I love just about every name on this list. I think right now its safe to say this is my favorite blog post of Halloweek.

Salem- Peace; Hebrew 
One of the most famous Halloween place names is Salem, a city in Massachusetts where witch trails were held. There are many tourist attractions from the trails. Personally I would love to visit the city in October as the leaves are falling and Halloween is in the air. The name is unisex but in 2018 it was given to 254 baby girls and 155 baby boys. I love the name with the nickname Sally on a girl. Then again I would be just as excited to meet a baby boy with the name. 

Amity- Friendship; Latin
The Amityville Horror movie is based off of a book by Jay Anson who based it off of the Lutz family paranormal experiences. The movies have been made multiple times over multiple generations. As for the name it is a great modern virtue name as well as alternatives or ways to honor an Amy. 

Elm- Red, Brown; English 
A Nightmare on Elm's Street is a 1980s horror movie about teenagers who's dreams are invalid but the evil Freddy Krueger. Elm is a tree name that has been around for 20 million years. Nameberry says Elm is unisex but I think it makes a great boys name. 

Bates- Diminutive of Bartholomew (Son of Talmai); English 
Bates Motel is a horror tv show that aired from 2013-2017. The plot revolves around a mother-son duo who buy a motel following the death of the dad. You follow the family as one turns out to be a serial killer. Bates is a fun S ending surname. It is a diminutive of Bartholomew and makes a great nickname or honor name. For all the patriotic parents out there Bates is the surname of Katherine Lee Bates who wrote America the Beautiful. 

Crystal- Clear, Colorless Glass; English
Crystal Lake is the setting of Friday the 13th, a horror movie about a summer camp stalked by a murderer. In the 1980s the name ranked in the top 10 and slowly went on a downfall from that. The name can sound dated to some but maybe it is coming back into style like other trends of the 80s and 90s. 

Bramford- Broom Ford; English
The Bramford is the building where Rosemary, her husband, and baby live in Rosemary's Baby. The film is about a mother who believes an evil cult wants to take her baby to use in rituals. Besides being the building name, Bramford is also a place in England and a parish. The name was used as a surname for for the people from Bramford. Bram makes a great short name. 

Haddon- Hill of Heather; English 
Haddonfield, Illinois is the setting of the Halloween franchise. Halloween started in 1978 and has 11 films so far. There is said to be 2 more sequels coming out in the coming years. They are one of the biggest horror movie series. Haddon fits right in with the Haydens, Maddens, and Hudsons of the world. It is a surname, place name, and familiar to the ears. As for first name Haddon you have Haddon Sundblom, illustrator for Coca-cola. I just love this name so much more than I thought I could. 

Gatlin- Companion, Kingsman; English 
Children of the Corn is a horror movie about a couple trapped in a ton where the children believe everyone over the age of 18 need to be killed. Gatlin is the name of the town. Like so many names on this list, Gatlin is a surname turned first name. Although the name is unpopular it was given o 260 baby boys in 2018. To me the name is a full country name fit for a little cowboy. 

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