Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hal Names

I have some excited news for the blog! Starting Thursday October 24 until Wednesday October 30 I will be featuring a Halloween themed blog post. These posts are all unique topics that aren't overused (or at least I think they aren't). Let me just tell you I am so excited to share all the work I did for my favorite holiday.

Originally I wasn't going to post anything today because I will be posting for 7 days straight but this blog post just went fitting and I figured you can never have too many baby name blog posts! Below I have Hal- names for boys, girls and unisex names. They are perfect for a Halloween baby without being over themed. 

Halloway- Holy Way; English
Haldor- Thor's Rock; Norwegian
Halbert- Shining Hero; English
Hale- Nook, Retreat; English
Hal- Diminutive of Harry (Home Ruler); English 
Halfdan- Half Dane; Norse
Halvdan- Half Dane; Norwegian 
Halifax- From the holy Field; English 
Hallam- At the rocks; English
Halil- Friend; Albanian 
Halvard- Rock Guardian; Norwegian
Halston/Halsten- Rock, Stone; Swedish 
Halloran- Stranger from Across the Sea; Irish
Halim- Patient, Tolerant, Mild; Arabic 

Hallie- Diminutive of Harriet (Home Ruler); English 
Hale- Turkish Form of Hala
Hala- Halo Around the Moon; Arabic
Halcyon- Kingfisher; Greek
Halona- Happy Fortune; Native American 
Halia- Remembrance of a Loved One; Hawaiian
Haliaka- Variant of Harriet (Home Ruler); Hawaiian
Halina- Light; Greek
Halo- Salmon; Navajo
Hallary- Cheerful, Happy; Latin
Halda- Purposeful; German
Haldisse- Purposeful; German
Haldis- Rock Goddess; Norse
Haleema/Halima- Patient, Tolerant, Mild; Arabic 
Halimeda- Thinking's of the Sea; Greek

Halo- A Dish or Circle of Light; English
Hallow- Scare, Holy
Hallsey/Halsey- Hallowed Island; English

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