Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Halloweek: Quirky Halloween Middle Names

Today we sadly finish up Halloweek. BUT it isn't without an amazing list of quirky Halloween middle names. All the names on this list are unique and different yet fun! Just because I said they make good middle names doesn't mean they aren't great first names. I just see people being braver to use them in the middle name spot. Most of the names (but not all) are unisex.

Moon- English Word Names
Here's a little family history for you: my great grandfather was called Moon because of his bald, shiny head. I have a cousin of some sort bearing the middle name Moon yet he often goes by Moon. The name works wonders on either gender. The name is soft and magical and mysterious.

Binx- Unknown Meaning
I could not make this list without including a Hocus Pocus name! Binx is the surname of Thackery Binx a boy turned cat in the movie. Binx could swing either way and makes a nickname for names like Beatrix, Bianca, Bingham, or Baxter.

Trixie- Voyager, Traveller; English
Halloween is a combination of traditions from many different backgrounds, one of which being trick or treating. What better name after the popular activity than Trixie or just plain Trix. A spunky sassy name on her own or as a nickname for Beatrix.

Pugsley- English Place Name From Warkleigh Devon
Pugsley comes from The Addams Family as the son. According to the character his name means stomach pump, a very Addams family meaning. The name is a surname before it was the character's name although you wont't find many Pugsleys around!

Buffy-  Diminutive of Elizabeth (God is My Oath); English
Buffy is a fearless vampire slayer, a Halloween heroine. The name originated as a nickname for Elizabeth but can also be a nickname for Beverly or just about any B name. I'd say its the female equivalent to Chip and Buddy.

Jax- Short Form of Jackson (Son of Jack); English
Jax is a variant of Jack or a nickname for Jaxon (also a variant of Jackson). The name fits with all pumpkin loving parents. The X ending gives the name an edgy feel. Jax Teller is the main character of Son of Anarchy.

Duff- Dark; Scottish
Duff is a Scottish name meaning dark, perfect for Halloween! You can also go with Duffy. In Scotland the name originated as a nickname for someone with dark hair. Guns 'N' Roses has Duff McKagan born Michael. 

Poe- Peacock; English
Edgar Allan Poe has a dark nature about him. He was the author of the poem The Raven and many will agree that he has a Halloween feel to him. Poe completes a name in the middle name spot. It's short and sweet and works wonders with many other names.

Boo- Word Name
The name was started as a nickname for Arthur Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird. In recent days it has been taken over by Disney. Both pop culture examples show how the name can swing both ways. Jamie Oliver named his daughter Daisy Boo Pamela. A real life Boo middle name!

Rune- Secret; German
Rune is an ancient symbol that is used in magic. The name can swing both ways but it is more popular for boys. It was given to just 36 baby boys in 2018 and even less for girls at only 6. Roo is a great nickname option too.

Marnie- Rejoice; Hebrew or Of the Sea; English
Halloweentown is up there in my top 3 Halloween movies so of course I had to include a name from the movie. Marnie is the main character throughout the series of films. The name fits in with names like Mary, Marie, and Marley.

Prue- Wise, Skilled; English
Charmed had a main character named Prue Halliway, one of a group of sisters who discover they are witches. If you are going with a longer name like Elizabeth or Natalie, Prue flows wonderfully. If you are going with a shorter name like Quinn or Kate, Prudence works much better.

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