Thursday, October 17, 2019

Knights of the Round Table

The Knights of the Round Table were King Arthur's best knights. They lived in Camelot where they had a special table that was round instead of rectangular. The table allowed everyone to be equal and trustworthy. All knights had to uphold a Code of Chivalry. I focused on 8 great names from the knights of the round table but there are up to 150 knights depending on what story you read.

Lancelot- Land, Servant; French
In the Arthurian Legend, Lancelot was the most trusted knights. He went on to have an affair with Queen Guinevere. He was the only knights known to defeat King Arthur in a jousting match. To say this isn't a strong name is an understatement. Lance is a great nickname and gives it a more normal feel.

Percival- To Pierce the Valley; English
Percival was a loyal knight to King Arthur. He was said to be have received the sword Excalibur from what is now known as modern day gnomes. Legends also say that he was given a glimpse at the Holy Grail. The name Percival is not ranked in the top 1000 for 2018 and neither is Percy.

Bors- Spice Merchant; German
Bors the Younger, along with Percival, was a witness of the Holy Grail. His early life was not great from rebelling and being caught but he as able to grown into a strong knight. The name is unranked and hardly (if at all) used as a name. It does fit with the S ending boy name trend.

Kay- To Rejoice; Welsh
Kay is believed to be King Arthur's foster brother and one of the earliest people connected to him. When the Knights of the Round Table were formed Kay was one of the first members. The name is a possible Gauis or Cai. We already use names like Jay and Kai so why not Kay?

Gareth- Gentleness; Welsh
Gareth is Sir Gawain's brother and was made a knight by Lancelot. As a gift for King Arthur, Gareth went on a quest. In modern times, the name is most often associated with Gareth Brooks, American country singer. Some nickname options include Gary, Gaz, and Rhett.

Tristan- Sad, Latin
Tristan was sent by his uncle to gather Isolde for him but on the way home they fall in love. As a knight of the round table, Tristan was a well known and talented archer. This is the only name on the list that ranks at all and it ranks at #123 in 2018. A few years ago the name ranked in the top 100 in Canada.

Gawain- May Hawk; Welsh
Gawain is King Arthur's nephew and son of King Lot and Anna. Legends say he is a defender of women among many other things. His strength is said to be controlled by the sun with his most popular time being at noon and decreasing from there. The name can be modernized to Gavin and still have the picture of the strong knight.

Bedivere- Birch Man; Welsh
The famous sword Excalibur, that was retrieved by Percival, was thrown into the lake at the request of King Arthur. He was one of the first knights and helped fight a giant with the king resulting in the lose of Bedivere's hand. The name is pronounced BED-ih-veer and sounds so exotic to the ears.

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