Monday, October 28, 2019

Halloweek: Mythological Creature Names

Mythological names are cool and a generation of their own. Many times the mythological names you see are the names of god and goddess. I took the trend to a new level and am featuring a list of mythological creatures for this Halloween season. Some pretty cool monster names that work for a child's name, character, or pet name.

Qirin- Unknown Meaning
Qirin is a half dragon, half lion who symoolizes good fortune in Chinese mythology. The name was given to actor Terrence Howard's son and he picked it for the beast. The name is pronounced just like the Irish name Kieran. With very few popular Q names out there I think Qirin could catch on. 

Griffin- Strong Lord; Welish
A Griffin is a creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle from Greek mythology. After 75 years of absences from the top 1000 names in the United States, Griffin reentered the list in 1983. In 2018 the name ranked at #224. The surname name has a strong history behind it. 

Cerberus- Spotted; Greek
In Greek myth a three headed dog who guarded the entrance of Hades was named Cerberus. Since the name is rarely used on babies it can be considered unisex. Personally I think it fits nicely on a boy. I love the nicknames Ceri/Suri or Berry/Barry. In Harry Potter there is a Cerberus named Fluffy, not a very scary name. 

Chimera- A Thing Hoped for That is Impossible to Achieve; English
Greek mythology has a fire breathing part lion, part goat, part snake monster. The dictionary says a chimera is a thing hoped for that is impossible to achieve. That has me thinking. Maybe the name would be perfect for a rainbow baby because it rainbow babies are babies who come after a loss and often times after parents believe they will never have a child. 

Hydra- Evil Not to Be Overcome By Anything
Greek mythology had a 9 headed serpent named Hydra who lived in Lake Lerna. The serpent inspired the largest of 88 constellations. As a name it reminds me of Heidi and Audra. The look of the name is very similar to hydrangea bringing to my mind a flower. 

Phoenix- Dark Red; Greek
The mythological creature is a golden bird that burst into flames at the end of life and is reborn again. It symbolizes immortality. The name is a unisex name but is more popular for boys. In 2018 the name ranked at #252 for boys and #353 for girls. Its not only a bird and mythological name but also a place name, on the is common for most people. 

Typhon- Unknown Meaning 
Typhon is a fire breathing giant and father of most greek monsters. Some accounts say he is has a hundred heads. The picture is overall not a great one but it would make a cool middle name. If you want an alternative to Tyler go with Typhon. It nice if you like dragons and fire as well. 

Orthrus- Twilight, The Straight; Greek
Orthrus is a two headed hound that guarded the cattle of Geryon. He is the brother of Cerberus, the three headed hound. Other variant spellings of the name include Orthus and Orthros. I think the distinct Greek mythology feel you get from this name. Orrie and and Thor would make some pretty cool names.

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