Thursday, October 10, 2019

10 Names Given to 10 Babies

Happy 10/10/19! I was at a lost as to what to post today and when I saw the date I knew I had to do a play on 10/10. Below I have 10 names (5 girls and 5 boys) given to just 10 babies in 2018. These are all names with background and meaning and history.

Hildegard- Battle Enclosure; German
Saint Hildegard was famous for her writings and poetry. This exotic name is a nice spin on Hillary and Heidi even. In Disney's Sophia the First there is a minor character bearing the same name. I adore the nicknames Hildie, Hilda, Garry, and Dede.

Cressida- Golden; Greek
This name comes from Medieval times as a Trojan woman who leaves her lover for a Greek hero. Shakespeare wrote a play about the lovers called 'Troilus and Cressida'. In modern times the name was used in The Hunger Games and is the author of How to Train Your Dragon.

Aleta- Truth; English
The name first appeared in 1937 in the comic 'Prince Valiant' as the wife of the lead character. She was a queen. A real life Aleta is Aleta St. James, an American healer and new mother at 57. There is so much to love about this name; the sound, the spelling, the pictures it brings to mind.

Ioanna- Form of Joanna (Yahweh is Gracious); Greek
Pronounced ee-oh-ah-nah the may be a little tongue twister with all of the vowels. I think once you hear it a few times the name is beautiful and different. Its a nice way to honor a John or Joan.

Olivette- Feminine Form of Oliver (Olive Tree);French
The name comes from the French opera Les notes d'olivetti" by Emond Audran. The name is a wonderful, beautiful alternative to Olivia. She falls right in line with other -ette names as well. There is a city in Missouri with the same name. 

Basilio- King; Italian and Spanish
Basilio is the Italian and Spanish form of Basil. The name is used as both a given name and a surname along with the name of a few places particularly in Italy. A Famous Basilio is Carmen Basilio, a hall of fame boxer.

Caldwell- Cold Spring, Stream; English
This English surname turn first name is a part of the two great grounds, the Cals and the Wells. I could see Caldwell on the playground with Calvins and Maxwells. There is a university in New Jersey with the name as well as town.

Prometheus- Foresight, Forethought; Greek
In Greek myth Prometheus was the Titian who gave knowledge of fire to mankind. Zeus punished him for doing this by chaining him to a rock but he was eventually freed. This is a cool unexpected fire name. Some nickname options include Theo, Prom, Prommie, Matt, and Rome.

Neville- New Town; English
The name is very British sounding and more often used across the pond. For me the name jars up a picture of Neville Papperman from the Nick tv show called iCarly. Others may think of Charles Dickens unfinished novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

Rutherford- Cattle Ford; Scottish
The first name of the 19th president of the United States as well as a surname. Another famous Rutherford is Ernest Rutherford, a physicist who helped with radioactive substance understanding. Rudy, Ford, and Ruthie are all good nicknames. 

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