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Feature Friday: Saki

Hey guys! So it is Feature Friday time! This is the first feature Friday I did while I was in school. It was hard getting the interview done and I didn’t have some problems with the people but I am gald with how it turned out. This week was Saki! Saki is on formspring (, and she also has a yotube ( and 2 listographys (, and I had so much fun with this interview and I am so thankful for Saki for doing it. So let’s get started.

Me: How did you get into baby names?
Saki: I think I've always had an interest in them.  I remember first liking names when I was in kindergarten, and it was mostly because I liked naming my stuffed animals ^.^  I wasn't really into them though until I started writing novels and naming characters.  It really made names come alive for me to imagine them on a person, albeit an imaginary one.  So I guess you could say it was writing that got me into baby names =)

Me: Writing and baby names go hand in hand. I love to come up with ideas for stories and name the characters but I never complete the stories lol. How old were you when you first started liking baby names?
Saki: I was probably 4 or 5 =)  I'm surprised I can still remember what names I liked ^.^  I didn't become a real namer until I was 11 or 12 though.

Me: haha I remember names I like from when I was little. What are your current favorite baby names?
Saki: My top 5 girls names are Averell Romy (Avie), Betony Alora, Winter Everlie, Phoenix Howella (Pheo), and Circe Etenia (Cirs).  My top 5 boys names are Danny James, Storm Alexander, Jakob Tyler (Jake), Emrys Adeon, and Leonardo Dante (Leo).  I like unique names =)

Me: I love your names! I hadn't heard of a lot of them until you told me them. Unique names are the best :) If you remember, what were your first favorite baby names?
Saki: Thank you! =D  I love finding names no one's heard of ^.^  The very first names I liked were Jake, Kyle, and Rachel.  I still love Jake, but as a nickname for Jakob.  The others aren't favorites of mine anymore.

Me: I really like Jake and Jakob. Why did you decide to start making videos, make list and join formspring?
Saki: I came to Formspring from Yahoo Answers.  I liked the Q&A format of Formspring and wanted to discuss names with people who are more friendly than most Yahoo Answers users =)  I made a listography because I was liking more and more names and finding them all hard to keep track of ^.^  I have hundreds of names on my listography now.  I only recently started making videos, but I really like it so far =D  I started making videos because other Formspringers were making videos and it looked like fun =)

Me: I think the baby name community on formspring is a LOT nicer than any other naming community I know of. I love watching your videos. What has been the most fun about making videos and being on formspring?
Saki: I agree =)  Formspring is the best baby name community I know of too.  There are a lot of fun things about making videos and being on Formspring, but I'd have to say the most fun is making friends from all over the world =)  I've made quite a few, and I really enjoy talking to them.

Me: I agree. The people you meet are amazing. What has been your favorite video and/or formspring question (rename, collages, etc.)  you have done?
Saki: I like a wide variety of names.  I like ancient names, modern names, and almost nothing in-between. No old fashioned names for me ^.^  I suppose I just like anything unique and refreshing.  If it's something new, something that captures my imagination, I tend to like it =)

Me: I'm the same way. This is the first time I have ever had a top 5/10. When did you tell your friends and family about your love to baby names?
Saki: I first told my family towards the end of last year.  Most of them are kind enough to humor me ^.^  Two of my step-sisters have a few favorite names, but I wouldn't say they're babynamers.  I haven't told my friends yet.

Me: Your family seems to be okay with it. How did/do your family and friends react to your love for baby names?
Saki: My mom was the first one I told.  She was kind of surprised, but after a while she just accepted that it's an interest of mine =)  The rest of my family thought it was kind of odd but now everyone seems to think it suits me.  I suppose they're used to my odd quirks by now ;D  All in all it could have been worse.  I haven't been brave enough to tell my friends yet ^.^

Me: You have defiantly been braver than me! On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your love/addiction/obsession for baby names?
Saki: If 10 is completely and utterly OBSESSED, I'd say I'm about a 6 ^.^  I love names, but I'm obsessed with other things as well, mostly books, movies, and TV shows.  Invader Zim, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Merlin, you name it.  I'm a regular fan girl ;D  Names are just one of my many obsessions ^.^

Me: You are able to balance your obsessions well it seems. What is the reason behind your formspring, youtube, and listography names?
Saki: My Formspring and listography name (SakiHeart) started at Yahoo Answers.  I came up with "Saki [fill in blank with whatever]" (meaning "Saki loves ____") because that way I could change the username but still be recognized by other users.  When I came to Formspring I couldn't use the "" symbol in my username so I spelled it out and got SakiHeart =)  I just used the same thing for my listography.  My YouTube name (BastetofEgypt) came from my love of Ancient Egypt and Egyptian mythology.  Bastet is my favorite name from Egyptian mythology =)  I added "of Egypt" to make it seem more cool and complete.

Me: I think they are cool names, especially your youtube name. Do you have a favorite baby namer (YouTube, blog, formspringer, etc.)?
Saki: Hmm, favorite namers...  It's so hard to choose, everyone is so awesome! ^.^  I suppose my favorite YouTube namer is @AvonleaGrace from formpsring (  My favorite Formspring namers are probably... @AviaMelodyNames, @Cupcake3690, @willowXrebel, @AvonleaGrace, @allieinthesky, @ElloLC, and @PrincessJulia37, though I could go on and on.  I also really like @XenonVortex's names, but she's not a babynamer per se, more just comes up with names for her writing.  Everyone's amazing though =)

Me: It is so hard because there are so many! Do you have a #1 fan on your listography/videos/formspirng or someone who you talk to a lot because of them?
Saki: Hmm, I think the person I talk to the very most (about names and other things too) is @XenonVortex.  Not everyone will know her since she's not as into names as we avid babynamers, but she's one of my best friends on Formspring =)

Me: I will go check her out. What inspired you to make a formspring/listography/videos besides baby names?
Saki: Baby names was the main reason for me to join, but I also liked the idea of talking to people from different cultures =)  Making friends from around the world is so much fun, and I figured this was a great way to go about it.  There were quite a few writers on there too, and I thought it'd be fun to talk about writing and such =)

Me: I low meeting and talking to people all around the world. Where do you find your baby names at?
Saki: I find them at baby name sites like, and, as well as in baby name books.  Sometimes when I find a name I really like, I'll google search other names of the same origin to find others I might like.  I also look for variations of names and names with particular sounds I'm fond of using the searches at and at  I've gotten some names off of others' lists as well (after asking permission to steal them of course) =D

Me: Haha I guess I should ask to steal name now :). Do you know anyone in real life that has a formspring/youtube/blog?
Saki: One of my step-sisters has a formspring, but she hasn't been on it in ages.  She's @RyanShay98 on Formspring, but I don't think she's going to use it anymore.  Her account's still on there though.  Other than that, I don't know anyone in real life with a Formpsring, YouTube, or Blog.

Me: Me either. We are down to the last 3 questions. Random fact about you?
Saki: Hmm, random fact... OH I know =D  I'm very into linguistics and have created 5 real languages for my novels =)  One of them (which I loosely based on Japanese) has over 250 symbols.  My most complete has over 500 words =D  In addition to studying linguistics, I'm also currently learning German and am saving up for the Irish RosettaStone program.

Me: Wow! That is amazing! I can't believe you did all that. What did you think of this interview?
Saki: Thanks! =D  I liked it!  This was a very fun interview! =D

Me: You're Welcome! I had so much fun doing it. Thanks agian for doing it on such short notice. Is there anything else you would like to add?
Saki: No problem =)  Hmm, I would just add for your readers: Dare to be extraordinary.  Don't be afraid to name outside the box ;)  You can come up with brilliant, unique names without them being crazy, made up, or unreasonable =)  The world if full of amazing names waiting to be discovered and they won't be if we stick with names like John and Ann.  That is all =)

Me: You go girl! Listen to Saki, she is right. haha :)

So that was the interview. I hope you liked it and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed giving the interview. Thanks Saki again so much for doing the interview. Also everyone needs to go check out her youtube, formspring and listography. That is really all. Bye for now :). 

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