Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Favorite Names From Aspendina's Blog: Boys

Hey guys! So I have had this idea in my head for some time now and thought I would do part 1 now. These blog posts are going to be lists of names that another baby name blogger had featured on her blog. I am going to do 3 post in total the first on is going to be the boy names, the second one is going to be the girl names, and the third one is going to be the unisex names. Almost all of the names on her blog are unusual/unique and I just love reading her blog. If you would like to check out her blog (I think you all should) here is the link So let’s get started.

  1. Hawkins
  2. Branam
  3. Benton
  4. Ramsey
  5. Hugo
  6. Kanton
  7. Exton
  8. Gannon
  9.  Dorian
  10. Thayer
  11. Ledger
  12. Lathan
  13. Delray
  14. Bridger
  15. Crew
  16. Layton
  17. Kaleo
  18. Brand
  19. Dostan
  20. Courtland
  21. Branston
  22.  Kaiser
  23. Stanton
  24. Lofton
  25. Royce
  26. Daven
  27. Rohan
  28. Drummer
  29. Dresden
  30. Bingham
  31. Langston
  32. Draven
  33. Axel
  34. Vinson
  35. Jackman
  36. Riordan
  37. Madden
  38. Ranger
  39. Kinton
  40. Ford
  41. Chord
  42. Gunther
  43. Leander
  44. Ferris
  45. Slate
  46. Treysen
  47. Raiden
  48. Ryland
  49. Jathan  
  50. Maxen
  51. Marcello
  52. Apollo
  53. Pike
  54. Brendam
  55. Eben
  56. Rex
  57. Voss
  58. Braven
  59. Harrison

This is just a list of the boy names. As you can see I really liked a ton of her names. If you would like the read what she said about the names just go over to her blog and look up the names. I had so much fun doing this and have found so many names that I like. The other parts will be up soon. I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :)

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  1. LOL I remember the name Ramsey being on my list when I was a kid. Haha and I love Marcello but I want that to be my boyfriend's name, nor my kid's. ;)



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