Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Rare" E Girl Names

Hey guys! It’s Saturday and I have made a post every day this week! I am really on a roll and I don’t want to stop. So I have another post in the “Rare” name series. This time I am doing the letter E for girls. Let’s get started.

  1. Ebony- Ebony’s sister would be Amber and her brother would be Donte. Ebony means deep black wood in Latin. I really like this name. The president of the student body is named Ebony and I just love her to death.
  2. Edna- Edna’s sister would be Gladys and her brother would be Lester. Edna means renewed in Hebrew. I like the name Edna. On my locker at school there is a plak that is dedicated to an Edna. I think it would be a great way for me to honor my school.
  3. Eirlys- Eirlys’s sister would be Lowri and her brother would be Carwyn. Eirlys means snowdrop in Welsh. I like the name but I think it wouldn’t be usable because of the pronunciation.
  4. Eleni- Eleni’s sister would be Irini and her brother would be Nikos. Eleni means sunray, sun light in Greek. I really like Eleni. I do think it would be better spelled Aleni.
  5. Ellery- Ellery’s sister would be Hollis and her brother would be Lawson. Ellery means cheerful in Latin. I love the name Ellery. I do think that some people may think of celery when they hear it though.
  6. Elodie- Elodie’s sister would be Amelie and her brother would be Blaise. Elodie means marsh flower in French. I love Elodie. I do like the French pronunciation too. It is pronounced a (like the letter)- low-dee.
  7. Eloise- Eloise’s sister would be Leonie and her brother would be Hugo. Eloise means famous warrior in German. I like the name Eloise and I also like the movies.
  8. Elora- Elora’s sister would be Avalon and her brother would be Roan. Elora means sun ray, shining light in Greek. I like this name but prefer it spelled Alora.
  9. Elvira- Elvira’s sister would be Eldora and her brother would be Roscoe. Elvira means foreign, true in German. Elvira is cute but I wouldn’t use it.
  10. Emeline- Emeline’s sister would be Christabel and her brother would be Bertram. Emeline means peaceful home in German. I love this name. I do prefer it spelled Emmeline more and with the nickname Emme/Emmy.
  11. Emerald- Emerald’s sister would be Meadow and her brother would be Stone. Emerald means precious gemstone in English. I would use this as a middle name only because Emerald is my birthstone.
  12. Emlyn- Emlyn’s sister would be Adair and her brother would be Gareth. Emlyn means peaceful home; rival; laborious; eager in Latin. I like this name but I always feel like there should be a letter in between the m and the l.
  13. Esme- Esme’s sister would be Ivy and her brother would be Milo. Esme means to love in French. I love the name Esme. I know it is used in Twilight but I don’t think now or a couple of years down the road that is what people think of.
  14. Estella- Estella’s sister would be Adela and her brother would be Julius. Estella means star-like; love in French. Estella is very cute and beautiful. I really like it.
  15. Ethel- Ethel’s sister would be Agnes and her brother would be Lester. Ethel means noble in English. I like Ethel but it is too old sounding for me to use.
  16. Etta- Etta’s sister would be Mabel and her brother would be Archie. Etta means pearl in Greek. I love the name Etta!!!!! It also makes a great nickname.

So that is all of the “rare’ girl names. I do prefer A names over E but there are some E names I like. This list was kind of small compared to the other ones. Also I am fast approving on my 200 blog post! It is so exciting to be getting so close. I do have an idea for it and for my blog anniversary that is coming up in about a month! That is all. Bye for now :). 

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  1. Elora and Elodie, you are the prettiest names I will never use. Sorry.

    I would also love to meet a little Elvira. That would be neat.

    1. It's okay! Meeting a little Elvira would be so cool!

  2. Fun fact: Emmeline Pankhurst was Christabel Pankhurst's mother. I'm doing a post on Christabel the first week in October. =)

    1. I didn't know that! That is so cool that I had those names as a sibset.

      I can't wait to read it.



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