Monday, September 10, 2012

"Rare" B Boy Names

Hey guys! So I have the next installment in the “rare” name series. This time it is going to be the “rare” B boy names. I am thinking that after the C names I am just going to focus on the Top Debut Series and when that is done I will come back to this series. The only reason for that is it takes me longer to do this series than it does for the Top Debuts series. Let’s get started.

  1. Barack- Barack’s sister would be Malaika and his brother would be Khalid. Barack means lightning; blessing in Swahili. This is an alright name but it is the name of our President.
  2. Barnaby- Barnaby’s sister would be Cordelia and his brother would be Leopold. Barnaby means son of consolation in Greek. I love Baranby! The only thing I don’t like about this name is the nickname Barney.
  3. Barney- Barney’s sister would be Fern and his brother would be Bert. Barney is a pet form of Barnabas and Barnaby in English. I don’t like Barney. It makes me think of the dinosaur.
  4. Baron- Baron’s sister would be Dawn and his brother would be Thad. Baron means young warrior in German. I really love the name Baron. I think it would go with the other popular names.
  5. Barry- Barry’s sister would be Paula and his brother would be Kent. Barry means fair-haired in Irish. I’m not a fan of Barry. It sounds old.
  6. Bart- Bart’s sister would be Liz and his brother would be Rod. Bart is a short form of Barton, Bartholomew, and Bertram. Bart makes me think of The Simpsons so I don’t really see it as being usable.
  7. Bartholomew- Bartholomew’s sister would be Philipa and his brother would be Ferdinard. Bartholomew means son of Talmai (the farmer) in Aramaic. Bartholomew is a nice name but I can’t see it on a baby.
  8. Benedict- Benedict’s sister would be Rafaela and his brother would be Constantin. Benedict means blessed in Latin. I like Benedict and think it is a great alternative to Benjamin.
  9. Bertram- Bertram’s sister would be Petra and his brother would be Rudolph. Bertram means bright famous raven in French.  I love the name Bertram! I don’t think many people like it but I really love it.
  10. Bond- Bond’s sister would be Raine and his brother would be Steele. Bond means peasant farmer in English. I like Bond. I think it would be better as a nickname rather than a full name. I think it will make people think of James Bond.
  11. Boris- Boris’s sister would be Vera and his brother would be Igor. Boris means small; battle glory in Russian. I don’t really like Boris. It makes me think of rats and monsters.
  12. Bowman- Bowman’s sister would be Delta and his brother would be Tillman. Bowman means the archer in English. I love Bowman! It is so cool and cute. I could see it on any age and I think Bo is a cute nickname.
  13. Bram- Bram’s sister would be Nell and his brother would be Wolf. Bram means bramble; a thicket of wild gorse; raven in Hebrew. I love Bram! It used to be on my list but now it is really low down.
  14. Brannock- Brannock’s sister would be Kennera and his brother would be Killian. Brannock is an alternative to Brandon in Celtic. I had never heard of this name before but I really like it. It’s cool.
  15. Bridger- Bridger’s sister would be Presley and his brother would be Jagger. Bridger means lives near the bridge; bridge-worker in English. I love Bridger! It is one of my favorite B boy names.
  16. Brogan- Brogan’s sister would be Teagan and his brother would be Gannon. Brogan means sturdy shoe in Irish. I am on the fence with Brogan. I like it but would be afraid he would be called Bro.

So that is the B list. I know some of them aren’t rare but other are. I had my first full day of classes today so I may have some homework. I had this post while I was in school it wouldn’t be posted at night when I got home. I hope you liked it and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :). 

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  1. I love Barnaby, Benedict and Bram, and I think Boris and Bowman are very interesting.

    My favourite rare B boy name is Bede.

    1. I love Barnaby, and Bram too. Bede is a cool name. I think there is a saint with that name.



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