Sunday, September 2, 2012


Hey guys! So I got back from vacation yesterday around 12:00 noon and have been busy since. I am going to update you on stuff but if you would like to skip and go to the name start reading at the picture. 

I have so much to do with all of my blogs that I am trying to spend all my time on them. As for this blog I have updated all of the girl name tabs and I will be doing the boy ones soon. I have also done some post that will be out later. By now you might be saying “Did she just say blogS?!”. Yes I did say blogS. As of right now I have 3 blogs and a tumblr that I help out with. My main blog is this one, the second one is called Just A  Girl Living In A Bog World that is about my life and things I like, and the last one is a blog about my favorite blogs. On that one I list all of the blogs I follow into categories and I may do more but I’m not sure. I will leave links to them below. The tumblr is a baby name tumblr that I make name typography and reblog baby things. I do have ideas for 2 more blog type things. Yes I want to make more blogs. Let’s just say I am addicted to blogging. Now let’s get onto the name. 

The name I have today is Gemma. I have really been liking it lately. I know it is some people’s favorites on formspring and I think that is why I am liking it so much. Gemma means precious stone in Italian. I prefer this over Emma, which is too popular for me. I like the combos Gemma Skye, Gemma Marcheline, Gemma Beatrice and many other combos. So that is really all I have for you. bye for now :).

Just A Girl Living In A Big World
My favorite Blogs
Baby Name Tumblr

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