Saturday, September 1, 2012

Beach Names

Hey guys. I have another summer themed post for you. I am still away on vacation and will be back later today. Anyway this post is about beach names. These are all names of beaches around the world. So let’s get started.

  1. Avalon- Avalon Beach is located in Sydney, Australia. Avalon means apple island in Welsh.
  2. Bronte- Bronte Beach is also located in Sydney, Australia. Bronte means thunder in Greek.
  3. Pipa- Pipa Beach is located in Brazil. Pipa could be an alternate spelling of Pippa, which means lover of horse in Greek.
  4. Parlee- Parlee Beach, New Brunswick is located in Canada. Parlee means one who negotiates in Englsih.
  5. Catalan- Catalan Bay is located in Gibraltar. I couldn’t find the meaning of Catalan.
  6. Lovina- Lovina Beach is located in Bali, Indonesia. Lovina is a variant of Lavinia, which is Latin.
  7. Malibu- Malibu Beach is located in California. Malibu means noisy stuff in Native American.
  8. Brela- Brela Beach is located in Croatia. I couldn’t find the meaning of Brela.
  9. Isla- Isla Grande is located in Panama. Isla means island in Scottish.
  10. Arcadia- Arcadia Beach is located in Ukraine. Arcadia means region offering peace and contentment in Greek.
  11. Winifred- Winifred Beach is located in Jamaica. Winifred means peace friend in English.
  12. Solana- Solana Beach is located in California. Solana means wind from the east in Latin.
  13. Daytona- Daytona Beach is located in Florida. Daytona means town in day in American.
  14. Juno- Juno Beach is located in Florida. Juno means goddess of marriage and childbirth in Latin.
  15. Myrtle- Myrtle Beach is located in South Carolina. Myrtle means Myrtle Beach in English.

  1. Jericho- Jericho Beach is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Jericho means moon city in Greek.
  2. Bray- Bray Beach is located in Country Wicklow, Ireland. Bray means brick layer in English.
  3. Byron- Byron Bay is located in New South Wales, Australia. Byron means from the barns in English.
  4. Zacharo- Zacharo Beach is located in Greece. Zacharo is an Australian name.
  5. Alessano- Alessano Beach is located in Apulia, Italy. I couldn’t find the meaning of Alessano.
  6. Clifton- Clifton Beach is located in Pakistan. Clifton means from a town near a cliff in English.
  7. Brighton- Brighton Beach is located in the United Kingdom. Brighton means from the bright town in English.
  8. Delray- Delray Beach is located in Florida. Delray means the king in French.
  9. Grayton- Grayton Beach is located in Florida. Grayton means from the grey town in English.
  10. Buxton- Buxton Beach is located in North Carolina. Buxton means bowing stone in English.
  11. Caswell- Caswell Beach is located in North Carolina. Caswell means well where the watercress grows in English.
  12. Hampton- Hampton Beach is located in New Hampshire. Hampton means home settlement in English.
  13. Kew- Kew Beach is located in Toronto Canada. Kew means to teach in Chinese.

So that is all of the names I have for you. I should be home later today. I hope you enjoyed all of the post I have you in the last 8 days. Comment below and tell me what you thought. Bye for now :). 

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