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"Rare" D Girl Names

Hey guys! So it’s Saturday and I have survived my second week of school. I am so surprised at how well I am able to keep up with blogging. I do write up my blog post days in advance which really helped. I wanted to tell you guys about an interview I do with another baby name blogger. I had so much fun doing the interview and if would like to read it you can go here As for today’s post it is going to be another installment on the “rare” name series. This time I have the “rare” D girl names. So let’s get started.

  1. Dale- Dale’s sister would be Gayle and her brother would be Glynn. Dale means valley in English. I don’t like Dale on a girl. It makes me think of Dale Earnheart Jr. too much.
  2. Darcy- Darcy’s sister would be Aubrey and her brother would be Bradford. Darcy means dark in Irish. I love the name Darcy so much! It is such a cute name and would make a cute nickname.
  3. Daria- Daria’s sister would be Marina and her brother would be Tobin. Daria means maintains possessions well in Greek. I like Daria but not as much as Darcy. I also have never seen it before.
  4. Darlene- Darlene’s sister would be Suzanne and her brother would be Wayne. Darlene means dearling, darling in English. I’m not really a fan of Darlene because it sounds like an old lady name.
  5. Dawn- Dawn’s sister would be Robin and her brother would be Todd. Dawn means the first appearance of light, daybreak in English. I don’t like Dawn really at all.
  6. Debbie- Debbie’s sister would be Cindy and her brother would be Ricky. Debbie means bee in Hebrew. I don’t like Debbie. It is to 80’s too me.
  7. Deirdre- Deirdre’s sister would be Daphne and her brother would be Craig. Deirdre means broken-hearted, sorrowful in Irish. I think this is a nice name but it would be too hard for little kids to say and spell.
  8. Della- Della’ sister would be Lottie and her brother would be Archie. Della means noble in German. I love the name Della. It is so short and sweet.
  9. Delphine- Delphine’s sister would be Celestine and her brother would be Olivier. Delphine means dolphin in Greek. I love the name Delphine and would use the nickname Della with it. I think this would be a great name to use for someone who loves animals.
  10. Devin- Devin’s sister would be Ashton and her brother would be Quinton. Devin means poet in Irish. I don’t like Devin on a girl, although I do know one girl with the name Devin.
  11. Diane- Diane’s sister would be Sharon and her brother would be Douglas. Diane means divine in Latin. I don’t like the name Diane on a baby. I can’t see it on anyone but a lady in her 30’s-40’s.
  12. Dimitra- Dimitra’s sister would be Evanthia and her brother would be Andreas. Dimitria means follower of Demeter in Greek. I don’t like Dimitra but I do love the nickname Demi.
  13. Dina- Dina’s sister would be Jodi and her brother would be Vince. Dina means decoration; valley; justified; spear ruler in Hebrew. Dina is a cute name. I like it.
  14. Dinah- Dinah’s sister would be Ronna and her brother would be Monte. Dinah means justified in Hebrew. I don’t really like Dinah. The h makes it look weird and it is pronounced differently than Dina.
  15. Dolly- Dolly’s sister would be Fanny and her brother would be Buster. Dolly means cute child in American. I love Dolly as a nickname but only as a nickname.
  16. Dolores- Dolores’s sister would be Geraldine and her brother would be Norman. Dolores means sorrows in Spanish. This is a name that I don’t see coming back into style.
  17. Donatella- Donatella’s sister would be Serafina and her brother would be Leandro. Donatella means given by God in Latin. I love the name Donatella! The only problem I have found with this name is it may be too grand for a baby.
  18. Donna- Donna’s sister would be Carol and her brother would be Dennis. Donna means lady in Italian. I don’t like Donna. I think it is too old for a kid.
  19. Dora- Dora’s sister would be Estelle and her brother would be Luther. Dora means gift in Greek. I don’t like Dora because it makes me think of the show.
  20. Doris- Doris’s sister would be Wilma and her brother would be Norman. Doris means from Doris; gift in Greek. This is another name that I think is too old for a kid.
  21. Dorothea- Dorothea’s sister would be Eleanora and her brother would be Augustus. Dorothea means gift of God in Greek. I prefer Dorothy but Dorothea is still really nice.
  22. Dorothy- Dorothy’s sister would be Frances and her brother would be Bernard. Dorothy means gift of God in Greek. I like Dorothy but have a very strong accent when I say it. I have no clue why.
  23. Drew- Drew’s sister would be Shea and her brother would be Colt. Drew means man, warrior in Greek. I think Drew is a cute name for a girl but I just think of boy when I hear it.

So that is the list of names. It is kind a mixed list to me. I have put a poll on the sidebar so please go and vote. I hope you liked this post and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :). 

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  1. Oh, Deirdre, how I love this name. And Delfina (spelled this way to go better with my last name), and Dinah. Daria is nice but I remember watching the show on MTV back in the day.

    1. I like Deirdre but can't spelled it to save my life! Delfina is cute spelled that way.

  2. Daria, nah, nah, nah. MTV had a show called Daria that is my favorite thing to come out of MTV since Video Killed the Radio Star. Daria was an outcast who had a popular sister named Quinn. Along the same lines, Darlene from Roseanne was my idol growing up. Two great names, but I would never use them.

    I love Dinah and Donnatella.

    1. I have never heard of Daria. Maybe I should look it up. lol.

      Donnatella is such a cute name. I am really, really loving it.

  3. ~ Dale << I kinda like Dale on a girl, but I prefer it as a boys name =)
    ~ Darcy << I don't like Darcy much at all.
    ~ Daria << I like Daria even less than Darcy.
    ~ Darlene << This name's alright I suppose, but I don't love it. The only "Dar-" name I really love for a girl is Dara <3
    ~ Dawn << I LOVE LOVE LOVE this name!!! It's sooooooo CUTE and very beautiful too <3 I like Fawn even better than Dawn though ^.^
    ~ Debbie << I don't like Debbie.
    ~ Deirdre << I love Deirdre <3
    ~ Della << This one's alright, but I don't love it. The only "Del-" names I really love are Delphi, Delphia, Delphine, and Delphina <3
    ~ Delphine << LOVE <333 It's soooo beautiful =D
    ~ Devin << I really like Devin on a girl, but I prefer the spelling Devon =)
    ~ Diane << I don't really like Diane.
    ~ Dimitra << I don't like Dimitra at all >.<
    ~ Dina << I don't really like this one.
    ~ Dinah << "Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah, Someone's in the kitchen I know, Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah, Strumming on the old banjo!" <-- That song would be stuck in my head ALL. THE. TIME. if I ever named a daughter Dinah. That, and I don't like the sound of it much.
    ~ Dolly << Dolly is MUCH too cutesy for my taste, and I don't love the sound of it.
    ~ Dolores << Reminds me too strongly of Umbridge from Harry Potter who annoyed the heck out of me >.< That, and it's not my style at all.
    ~ Donatella << I LOVE this name <333 I'm really into crazy, extravagant names like this (Donatella, Esperanza, Mariabella, Belladonna, etc.) It would totally be on my list, except that Raphael and Leonardo are already on my boys list if you catch my meaning XD (I like Raphael and Leonardo because of the Renaissance artists, but adding Donatella to my list might be a bit over the top haha ^.^)
    ~ Donna << I don't LOVE Donna but it's not bad. I prefer Dawn though.
    ~ Dora << This one's much too Dora the Explorer, and I don't love it anyway.
    ~ Doris << Definitely not my style.
    ~ Dorothea << It's WAY better than Dorothy, but I still don't like it.
    ~ Dorothy << I can't stand this name >.<
    ~ Drew << I like Drew much better on a girl than on a boy. It makes me think of Nancy Drew novels which I've loved since I was a kid =)


    1. Thanks for your opinion! It really means a t lot to me.

      I didn't even think of the song for Dinah! People would probably sing it to her. lol

      Dolores sounds like a mean old lady's name haha

      Donatella suits you so feel! I could see it on your list. haha I think people would pick up on it

      Dora is defiantly ruined by the show.

      I think I would like Dorothea more if I didn't have this weird accent that doesn't even go with the way I say things.



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