Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Rare" B Girl Names

Hey guys! I do have a blog post for you today and it is going to be the next installment for the “Rare” names series. This time it is going to be the B girl names. There aren’t as many as last time but there are still kind of a lot. I know I haven’t put up many post for this series or the other series but I have just been so busy. Anyway let’s get started.

  1. Beatrix- Beatrix’s sister would be Christabel and her brother would be Phineas. Beatrix means voyager (through life); blessed in Latin. I know that Beatrix is a Harry Potter name thanks to Gabby. Haha :). I like how it ends in an x and I like the nickname Bea.
  2. Bellamy- Bellamy’s sister would be Marlowe and her brother would be Brigham. Bellamy means handsome, friend in French. I love Bellamy! It is a great alternative to Isabella, which has always been a favorite of mine.
  3. Belle- Bell’s sister would be Cora and her brother would be Reid. Belle means beautiful in French. Belle is definitely sweet and one that I don’t hear very often. People like Bella more but Belle is such a great elegant name. The meaning is great too.
  4. Bertha- Bertha’s sister would be Myrtle and her brother would be Lester. Bertha means bright, famous in German. Bertha sounds too old lady-ish for me to see on a baby or child.
  5. Bess- Bess’s sister would be Mabel and her brother would be Ned. Bess is a short form of Elizabeth. I think Bess needs a comeback. I would love to see it on a little girl.
  6. Beth- Beth’s sister would be Jill and her brother would be Todd. Beth means house in Hebrew. I know some people on formspring like Beth but I don’t really like it. I do have an aunt with this name.
  7. Betsy- Betsy’s sister would be Kathy and her brother would be Bill. Betsy means God’s promise in Hebrew. To me Betsy makes me think of a cow. I can see this name on a cow.
  8. Betty- Betty’s sister would be Peggy and her brother would be Jimmy. Betty means God’s promise in Hebrew. The only person I can see this name on is Betty White. I love that lady!
  9. Beverly- Beverly’s sister would be Marilyn and her brother would be Richard. Beverly means beaver stream or meadow in English. I never really liked this name but yesterday I was watching a movie and one of the character’s names was Bev. Bev is so cool and I would use Beverly just to use the nickname Bev.
  10. Billie- Billie’s sister would be Bobbie and her brother would be Joe. Billie is a short form of Wilhelmina in English. This is a celebrity baby name. Billie is the name of Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart’s daughter. I think it is cute but as a nickname.
  11. Blair- Blair’s sister would be Sloane and her brother would be Lance. Blair means plain, field in Scottish. I love the name Blair. It is such a spunky and sweet name.
  12. Blanche- Blanche’s sister would be Pearl and her brother would be Virgil. Blanche means white, pure in French. I don’t really like Blanche because it is a little dull sounding to me.
  13. Blythe- Blythe’s sister would be Daphne and her brother’s name would be Vaughan. Blythe means blithe, cheerful, carefree in English. I am on the fence with this name. I kind of like it but there are times I don’t like it.
  14. Bonnie- Bonnie’s sister would be Judy and her brother would be Wayne. Bonnie means fine, attractive, pretty in Scottish. I’m not a fan of Bonnie. It sounds old to me.
  15. Briar- Briar’s sister would be Lyra and her brother would be Caspian. Briar means thorny bush of wild rose in English. I love this name! This is another spunky name to me. It is Sleeping Beauty’s name also.
  16. Brinley- Brinley’s sister’s name would be Keely and her brother’s name would be Ryker. Brinley means burnt meadow in English. I like this name and I know it is on some people’s favorites list on formspring. I do prefer it spelled Brynley though.
  17. Briony- Briony’s sister would be Romilly and her brother would be Gareth. Briony means climbing plant in Greek. I love this name. It is a great nature name but I prefer it spelled Bryony.
  18. Britt- Britt’s sister would be Greer and her brother would be Hayes. Britt means exalted one in Swedish. Britt is such a cute nickname. I would use it as a nickname for Britton.
  19. Bryce- Bryce’s sister would be Channing and her brother would be Burke. Bryce means of Britain in Scottish. Bryce is a unisex name that I am starting to like on a girl. It is like Dallas. I use to only like it on a boy but on I really prefer it on a girl.

So that is all of the “rare” B names for girls. I am hoping to get the B boy name out tomorrow but no promises. I am now going to leave to get school supplies and then come back and do homework. I hope you liked it and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :).

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