Monday, October 29, 2012

A Modern Name Generator

Hey guys! So I have no school today or tomorrow so in the next 2 days I am trying to get caught up on blogging and blog maintenance. I am so far behind that I think it is going to take me the whole two days just to catch up. Anyway I had this blog post idea for a little while now so I thought I would do it today. I stumble across the blog,, and fell in love with it. It’s a baby name blog and at the top of her blog there is a tab for a baby name generator she made. So I thought I would randomly generate 5 girl, 5 boy, and 5 unisex names. Now this names are very strange so be prepared. So let’s get started.

Kysie- I like this one. Maybe it’s because I love K names but I think it sounds cute and girly. I went on to and looked up how many people have this one. Only 1 person does and they live in Indiana.
Ainzlee- This looks like a unique spelling of Ainsley. One person is named Ainzlee and they live in Idaho.
Kairey- I like this one too. It sounds really cute and I like the nickname Kai for it on a girl. 33 people have this name and the most of them live in New Jersey and New York.
Daybrey- I’m not sure where I stand with this name. I like the name Day as a middle name for a girl and I like Bree but Daybrey sounds weird. Maybe if it was spelled Daybree I would like it better. No one has this name.
Camdree- This is a nice name but it makes me feel like I am saying Cambree weird. I still do like it thought. No one has this name either.

Bristox- I like this name because of the x and the sound of it. It is defiantly a name I have never heard before but I think it is cool. It does remind me of Bristol though. No one was given this name.
Kantan- I like this one because it begins with a K. it could probably be spelled Cantan too. One person has this name and they live in New Jersey.
Raden- I don’t like this because it looks like a misspelling of Raiden. It could possibly be a different spelling of Raiden. I was quite surprised when I looked this name up because 47 people have this name!
Dayzer- This could be a cool name for a pet or a rapper. I can’t picture it on a baby. And it looks like no one else can see this on a human too because no one has this name.
Baertin- I kind of like this and I kind of don’t. it looks weird but maybe it would be cool for a pet. No one has this name.

Kendyr- This name looks really girl too me. maybe it’s because of the y or because it looks so much like the name Kendra. If I had to say what gender I like this on it would be a girl. One person has this name and they are in South Carolina.
Raeristley- This name is a real mouth full. I say it like ray-wrist-lee. If I had to say what gender I prefer it on I would say a girl. Only because of the ley part. No one has this name either.
Lartyn- I like this name but on a boy. If I were to use it I would spell it Larton or Lartin. No one has this name.
Braxyn- This looks so similar to Braxton so I would say it is better as a boy name. Brax is such a cute nickname too. No one has this name.
Aristyn- I like this name a lot. I like it on a girl and with the nickname Ari. I really like saying it too. No one has this name.

So they are all of the crazy names. She refers to them as modern names and I agree with her. I had fun doing this post and seeing all of the names. These names are defiantly my kind of names. I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :). 

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  1. Kysie is adorable, I could definitely see someone using it for their daughter. Aristyn is really interesting, but not something I would go for. I like the sound, but not the spelling. I would prefer Aristen, or maybe even Ariston. Love the nickname Ari, though. This was a really great post.

    Oo, a new blog. Must check it out!

    1. I could too! It goes with some of the other popular names.
      I didn't think of those spellings of Aristyn. I kind of like those spellings better. Thanks!

      Yes! It's amazing the blog that are out there.

  2. For the names you got, I prefer Ainsley. I also like Kairey, Daybrey, Camdree, Raden, Dayzer, Kendyr, Lartyn, Braxyn, Aristyn. Not crazy on some of the spelling though.

    Nice. Just did it.

    Aubana (0 in the US)
    Avaslie (0 in the US)
    Aerey (1 in Texas)
    Kalliya (1,360,786th in the U.S. for 2011- mostly FL)

    Kisian(1,397,621st in the U.S. for 2011-Louisiana)
    Lamesin (0- thankfully! Lame and Sin lol)

    Zayden(19. I know a Zayden that was just born)
    Zaydin (0)

    I don't mind Avaslie, Breyaley (hate the spelling). Don't care for Kalliya but it had some cute nicknames listed. Bridyn is kind of cool. Lamesin sounds cute but no. Brerden is ok but hate the spelling. Contin reminds me of Cotton/oxy cotton.

    1. Thank you for doing this!!!!! Out of the names you got I like Aubana, Avaslie, Kisian, Bridyn, Raerdyn, Rayster (although it kind of sounds like Razor) and Zayden.

      I know a Zayden who is about 3 or 4. He has a sister named Jaeda. They also have a sister named Olivia and a brother named Derek. I'm not sure on the spellings.

      I think someone named Lamsin would get made fun of. Contin does sound like Cotton.

      The spelling are that great for the names I got or the names you got.

      Thanks again!



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