Monday, October 8, 2012

"Rare" F Girl Names

Hey guys! I have another installment in the “rare” names series. This time it is going to be the “rare” F girl names. This is going to be short compared to the other. So let’s get started.

  1. Fallon- Fallon’s sister would be Shannon and her brother would be Tiernan. Fallon means superiority; descended from a ruler in Irish. I really like Fallon and I am kind of liking the spelling Fallyn.
  2. Felicia- Felicia’s sister would be Shawna and her brother would be Derrick. Felicia means lucky, fortunate, happy in Latin. I don’t like Felicia.
  3. Fern- Fern’s sister would be Jewell and her brother would be Buck. Fern means fern in English. I think Fern is cute. It would make a perfect middle name.
  4. Fif- Fif’s sister would be Coco and her brother would be Pepe. Fif means Jehovah increases. Fif makes a nice dog name but I can’t see it on a baby. I also prefer it spelled Fifi.
  5. Finola- Finola’s sister would be Catriona and her brother would be Cormac. Finola means white shoulder in Irish. I think Finola is a really cute name and I really like it. It could use Finn as a nickname.
  6. Flannery- Flannery’s sister would be Bellamy and her brother would be Sullivan. Flannery means russet hair in Irish. I know a girl with the last name Flannery. I kind of like it but I think it would be better on a boy.
  7. Fleur- Fleur’s sister would be Avril and her brother would be Blaise. Fleur means flower in French. I love this name. Fleur sounds so exotic and cool.
  8. Flora- Flora’s sister would be Viola and her brother would be Leo. Flora means flower in French. I like Flora move than I like Fleur. It’s very cute and vintage feeling.
  9. Florence- Florence’s sister would be Louise and her brother would be Clarence. Florence means flowering, in bloom in Latin. I love the name Florence and had a very close family friend named Florence. She just passed away last week. I think it would be nice to use it in honor of her.
  10. Freya- Freya’s sister would be Gemma and her brother would be Felix. Freya means noble lady in Scandinavian. I love the name Freya and it reminds me of a British girl for some reason.

So that is all the “rare” F girl names. I will have more of the top debates series coming in the next couple of days. There is also going to be a couple of other types of post. I hope you liked it and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :). 

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