Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Rare" E Boy Names

Hey guys! So I have the “Rare” E boy names for you. I am starting to really get busy in school and life lately so I don’t know how regular post will be. October and November are going to be so busy because I am visiting a LOT of colleges, I have SATs, so many dances and events for school and then after November is December, which is always crazy. As of right now I have post for you so don’t worry I will still post! Anyway let’s get started.

  1. Eamon- Eamon’s sister would be Davina and her brother would be Colm. Eamon means wealthy protector in Irish. I really like this name but I feel that in the US it would be hard to pronounce.
  2. Earl- Earl’s sister would be Rita and her brother would be Vernon. Earl means nobleman, warrior, prince in English. I don’t like Earl because it sounds old and a little dorky.
  3. Edmund- Edmund’s sister would be Matilda and her brother would be Hugh. Edmund means wealthy protector in English. I am really starting to like Edmund. I think this would be my second favorite Ed- name. Edison would be number one.
  4. Egan- Egan’s sister would be Fallon and his brother would be Cormac. Egan means fire in Irish. I love the name Egan. It is short and sweet.
  5. Emil- Emil’s sister would be Avis and her brother wouod be Cecil. Emil means eager in Latin. I don’t really like Emil because it sounds a little girly.
  6. Evander- Evander’s sister would be Lilias and his brother would be Leander. Evander means good man in Greek. I love the name Evander and it is in my top 10.
  7. Ewan- Ewan’s sister would be Neve and his brother would be Callum. Ewan means born of yew; youth; God is gracious; born of yew; in Scottish. I like Ewan. The w in it is cool.

So that is the list. I know it is short. If you could vote on the poll in the sidebar that would be great. I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :). 

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