Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Names

Hey guys! Happy Halloween!! I can’t believe Halloween is already here! It feels like just yesterday I was starting school. This year I’m not dressing up but I am the one who is giving the candy out so I will get to see all of the cute costumes. What are you dressing up as? Or if you have kids what are they dressing up as? I would love to see all of the cute costumes and kids. Anyway, in the spirit of Halloween I have a blog post for you. So let’s get started.

  1. Sabrina- Sabrina is on this list because of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Sabrina means a Welsh river name in Gaelic.
  2. Blair- Blair is on the list because of the Blair witch project. Blair means plain, field in Scottish and Gaelic.
  3. October- Well, I wonder why October is on the list ^_^? October means born in October in American.
  4. Regan- The little girl from the Exorcist was named Regan. Regan means royal, pegal in Celthic.
  5. Esther- In the movie, The Orphan, the little girl’s name is Esther. Esther means myrtle leaf in Persian.
  6. Carol- One of my favorite Halloween movies is Poltergeist. The little girl in the movie’s name is Carol Anne. Carol means free man in German.
  7. Eve- Halloween means all hallows eve. Eve means life, animal in Latin and Hebrew.
  8. Morticia- Morticia is the mom in The Addams Family, another of my favorite movies. I can’t find the information on Morticia.
  9. Raven- Raven is a bird associated with Halloween. Raven means blackbird in English.
  10. Wendy- In the movie Casper, Wendy is the little girl. Wendy means friend in English.

  1. Talon- Talons are the claws of a bird and birds around Halloween have talons. Talon means a claw in English.
  2. Michael- Michael Meyers is an infamous Halloween character. Michael means who resembles God in Hebrew.
  3. Chucky- Chucky is another infamous Halloween character. Chucky means free in English.
  4. Dexter- Dexter is after the show Dexter. Dexter means right-handed, fortunate; one who dyes.
  5. Salem- Salem would be for the Salem Witch Project. Salem means peace in Hebrew.
  6. Gomez- Gomez is the dad of the Addams family. Gomez means man in Spanish and Portuguese.
  7. Jack- Jack is for the wonderful pumpkins. Jack means God is gracious in English.
  8. Casper- Of course Casper is for the friendly ghost! Casper means treasurer in Persian.
  9. Fester- Fester is yet another name from the Addams family. Fester means a forest in Latin.
  10. Jason- Jason is the name of a horror character. Jason means healer; the lord is salvation in Greek and Hebrew.

So they are all of my wonderful Halloween names. I have really been loving the holiday over the years whereas before I didn’t like it. I hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween. Also what are your favorite Halloween names? Tell me below and I hope you liked this. Bye for now :). 

 P.S. I have had my eye in the picture for a while now. I was patiently waiting to use it for Halloween. Isn't she so cute!!!

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  1. Eve and Raven are great Halloween names - they have a link with Halloween but they're subtle about it. Talon is pretty cool too.

    1. Yeah I don't like when a child is born on a holiday and the name is so obvious that they were born on that holiday.

  2. I dressed up as a winged leprechaun (meaning I added a green wig and wings to my already green outfit ;D). I handed out candy, and I've got to say, there are some CUTE little kids in my neighborhood <3

    I really like these:
    ~ Blair
    ~ October << I prefer it on a boy though (with the nn Toby <3)
    ~ Eve
    ~ Casper

    My favorites? Ummm, does Elvira count? XD That's all I can think of ^.^

    1. The kids in my neighborhood where so cute!!!
      October my be better on a boy. I'm not sure if I like it on a boy or girl better.

      Elvira counts! It's a great name!

  3. Oops, somehow I left Raven out of the ones I really like, and that's my favorite one for a girl! XD I loooooove the name Raven <3

    1. I never really like Raven but now I think I really like it.



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