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Feature Friday: Kaitlyn

Hey guys! Guess what time it is!!!! Its feature Friday time!  This week is Kaitlyn. I know Kaitlyn from formspring. She also has a listography. You can find here: Kaitlyn is so nice to talk to and I really like her questions. I had so much fun interviewing Kaitlyn! So let’s get on to the interview.

Me: How did you get into baby names?
Kaitlyn: I'm not actually sure! I can remember always writing names down on pieces of paper, and sometimes I find them in my room! 

Me: I have a whole little container with pieces of paper with names written on them! How old were you when you first started liking baby names?
Kaitlyn: I'm not sure how old I was when I started liking them, but I started realizing it around 14.

Me: I think that's an age where everyone really starts to realized it. What are your current favorite baby names?
Description: Avia Madison, Emmie Juliet, Liam Oliver and Kade Thomas. 

Me: I love your names! If you remember, what were your first favorite baby names?
Kaitlyn: Thanks! The first names I can remember liking are Leah and Landon.

Me: You're welcome :) Why did you decide to start making list on listography and join formspring?
Kaitlyn: I made a formspring after watching Stephanie's videos on YouTube! I found a few more people who liked names and it went from there! I made a listography after seeing a few people say that's where they kept their name list. 

Me: I made a formspring for the same reason! What has been the most fun about making list and formspring?
Kaitlyn: I've been exposed to many new names. For example, I had never heard of the name Declan until formspring. After seeing a lot of people talking about it. I added it to my list and now it's my #3 boy name!

Me: I am the same way! More than half of my top 10 is names I have heard of on formspring! What has been your favorite list and/or formspring question (rename, collages, etc.)  you have done?
Kaitlyn: I like this or that name questions the most and I'm currently working on list of band members.

Me: This or That are probably my favorite questions. Are you working on any listography and/or formspring questions/spam?
Kaitlyn: I'm about to start working on the listography band names, and I have a few name questions that I'm going to be asking soon.

Me: I can't wait to read the list! What do you love about baby names?
Kaitlyn: I love everything! Although popularity and meaning don't matter to me, I do like looking them up. I also like coming up with different first/middle name combos.

Me: I love making combos. What types of baby names to do like (ex. Trendy, vintage, etc.)?
Kaitlyn: I don't think I have a type! I like all kinds of names (: (same goes for boys, haha)

Me: haha I am the same way! When did you tell your friends and family about your love to baby names?
Kaitlyn: I actually haven't told them, but I think my mom might know because I think she has found some name list in my room.

Me: I haven't told mine either. How do you think they would react?
Kaitlyn: I think my friends would think I'm crazy. My family knows that I love kids, I'm going to school for Early Childhood Education, so it might not be as weird to them.

Me: I think I would get the kind of the same reaction. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your love/addiction/obsession for baby names?
Kaitlyn: I would say a solid 7. It's something I'm interested in, but it doesn't take over my life.

Me: 7's a nice number. What is the reason behind your formspring name?
Kaitlyn: it's my first name, the year I was born and then my middle name (: 

Me: It's very easy to remember. Do you have a favorite baby namer (YouTube, blog, formspringer, etc.)?
Kaitlyn: I watch Stephanie and Kristen's videos the most, I don't have a favorite formspringer, but I'd say Katie's names are my favorite, we both like a lot of the same names.

Me: I watch both of them too! Do you have a #1 fan on your listography/formspirng or someone who you talk to a lot because of them?
Kaitlyn: I don't really talk to anyone that much, I would like to change that though!

Me: You should! What inspired you to make a formspring and/or listography besides baby names?
Kaitlyn: I was bored, haha.

Me: haha The things you do when your bored. We are down to the last 5 questions! Where do you find your baby names at?
Kaitlyn: From watching videos for the most part, my 2 top girl names came from YouTube.

Me: I have found so many names from YouTube! Do you know anyone in real life that has a formspring/youtube/blog/formspring?
Kaitlyn: No, although I do live about 45 minutes from Bailey, so I could see myself knowing her in real life sometime.

Me: That would be so cool if you and her met up or something! Random fact about you?
Kaitlyn: I say some words in a accent that sounds somewhat British, not on purpose, it's just the way it comes out.

Me: That's so cool! I wish I could do that! What did you think of this interview?
Kaitlyn: I liked the interview! I'm happy I got picked (:

Me: I'm glad you liked it! I'm happy you got picked too! Is there anything else you would like to add?
Kaitlyn: Nothing that I can think of.

Me: Thanks for doing the interview! I had so much fun!

So that is the interview. I hope you liked it and don’t forget to comment. Also you should go check out Kaitlyn’s formspring and talk with her. I had so much fun doing this interview. Thanks Kaitlyn!

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