Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Rare" F Boy Names

Hey guys! So have the next installment in the “rare” series. This time it is going to be the
“rare” F boy names. So let’s get started.

  1. Ferdinand- Ferdinand’s sister would be Philomena and his brother would be Leopold. Ferdinand means bold, voyager in German. I think Ferdinand sounds so grand. I can’t really see it on a little boy.
  2. Finian- Finian’s sister would be Maura and his brother would be Kilian. Finian means fair in Irish. I love the name Finian! This is the first time I have heard it. I do like the names Finnegan and Finley.
  3. Floyd- Floyd’s sister would be Irma and his brother would be Homer. Floyd means gray-haired in Welsh. To me Floyd sounds like an 80’s rock band or a dog name. I don’t really like it.
  4. Flynn- Flynn’s sister would be Ellery and his brother would be Archer. Flynn means ruddy-complected in Irish. I love the name Flynn! The first time I heard it was on the movie Tangled. Fun Fact: Flynn from Tangled is my cartoon crush.
  5. Forrest- Forrest’s sister would be violet and his brother would be Marshall. Forrest means woodsman; woods in French. I don’t see Forrest as being usable but it makes a nice guilty pleasure name.
  6. Foster- Foster’s sister would be Alma and his brother would be Fraser. Foster means woodsman in English. I like Foster. I think it goes with all of the other names people like.
  7. Fred- Fred’s sister would be Susie and his brother would be Earl. Fred means elf or magical counsel, peaceful ruler in English and German. Fred is too much of a nickname too me.
  8. Fritz- Fritz’s sister would be Golda and his brother would be Dock. Fritz means peace ruler in German. I like Fritz. The z at the end really gives it an edge.

So that is all of the “rare” F boy names. It is another short one. I hope you liked it and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :). 

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