Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sister Names

Hey guys! So was inspired by something that is happening in my life. I go to an all-girls school and every year the freshman and the seniors are paired up. We call it Big Sister, Little Sister. Since I am a Senior this year I got paired up with a freshman. It is so fun and exciting. Well tomorrow is the Big Sister/Little Sister Night. It just means that we go and dance, make a craft and eat. It’s really fun. Anyway in honor of that I have a list of famous sister pairs for you. So let’s get started.

  1. Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen- Ashley means ash meadow in English and the meaning of Mary is star of the sea in Latin and the meaning of Kat is pure in English.
  2. Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears- Britney means from Brittany in French and Jamie means He who supplants in Hebrew and Lynn means From the Lake in English.
  3. Haylie and Hilary Duff- Haylie means hay meadow in English and Hilary means cheerful, happy in Latin.
  4. Jessica and Ashlee Simpson- Jessica means He sees in Hebrew and Ashlee means tree meadow in English.
  5. Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim Kardashian- Kourtney means domain of Curtius in English, Khloe means green shoot in Greek and Kim means Cyneburg’s field in English.
  6. Serena and Venus Williams- Serena means serene, calm in Latin and Venus means love in Latin.
  7. Malia and Sasha Obama- Malia means perhaps, probably in Hawaiian and Sasha means man’s defender in Russian.

So they are all the sister set I have for you. If you know of any cool sister sets let me know below. I hope you liked it and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :). 

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