Tuesday, October 9, 2012

College Names

Hey guys! So for today’s post I have names of colleges. I have been looking at colleges for about a year now and in October and November I am visiting a lot of colleges. So of course I had the idea of doing a post about it! I only have 5 girl names and 5 boy names for you. Anyway, let’s get started.

  1. Auburn- Auburn is located in Alabama. It means moderate or reddish brown in English.
  2. Baylor- Baylor is located in Texas. It means horse trainer in English.
  3. Creighton- Creighton is located in California. It means town near rocks in English.
  4. Berkley- Berkley is located in California. It means where birch grow in English.
  5. Reed- Reed is located in California. It means red-haired in English.

  1. Bennington- Bennington is located in Vermont. It is a place name.
  2. Hendrix- Hendrix is located in Arkansas. It means son of Hendrick in English.
  3. Mercer- Mercer is located in Georgia. It means merchant in English.
  4. Ripon- Ripon is located in Wisconsin. I couldn’t find the meaning.
  5. Carleton- Carleton is located in Minnesota. It means free peasant settlement; free peasant’s settlement in English.

So that is the list. Just in case you were wondering I am not looking at any of those colleges. All of the colleges I am looking at have bad names lol. I hope you liked them and if you have any names of college that you like on babies tell me below. Don’t forget to comment and bye for now :). 

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