Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Guilty Pleasure Names

A guilty pleasure names is a name that you love but won't/can't use for a number of reasons. It could be because the name is extremely unique or maybe it doesn't go with your last name. For me guilty pleasure names are tricky because I'm a pretty brave namer. There aren't many names I wouldn't use but I was able to come up with a pretty long list of names I love but wouldn't use.

You can find 10 of my favorite guilty pleasure names for both girls and boys in my video below. I featured names that would be easier heard than read because most of them have difficult pronunciations.

Since I had more than 20 names I decided to but the rest of them in this post. So here are some more guilty pleasure names.

Gamma - Being in a sorority I hear the Greek alphabet a lot more than the average person. The third letter in the alphabet is Gamma and after hearing it a ton I fell in love. It would make a great alternative to Emma but is way too out there for me to use.

Norma Jean - I don't know what it is about these two names but I just love them together. Apart these names are just plan names but together they are great. To me they are just a tad bit too old to use in a little baby.

Paityn - I usually don't like unique spellings of names but for the name Paityn this is the only spelling I like. It's probably everyone's least favorite spelling too. The name is  so common but the spelling is so uncommon.

Prairie is such a cool nature name but I really can't see myself using a nature name. If i could it would be something a whole lot more common than prairie. Plus I love prairie dogs and that's all I could be able to think about when I hear the name.

Koa- This is an unisex Hawaiian that I prefer on a girl. It is said just like the name Noah but with a K. I think it sounds so cute on a little girl. I wouldn't use it because it's too close to Noah.

Wisteria- I first heard the word Wisteria while Iw as working at David's Bridal. It is a color, a shade of purple. I think it sounds so whimsical but too grand for a baby. 

Jam- If I'm being honest hear, I first heard this on a dog and though it was so cool. I wouldn't even be able to use this as a nickname. It's nice and short. 

Cross- I love word names for boys but Cross is a little much for me. It makes me think of crucifixion too much. It would be prefect for the religious person. 

Quill- I think this is such a fun nature name but I feel like people would confuse it too much with Will. It could work as a middle name though. 

Pascal- Pascal is the name of the chameleon in Tangled. I'm a huge fan of the movie and that's the reason I love this name. It is also the reason why I could never use it because it would remind me of the little green reptile too much. 


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