Monday, June 1, 2015

3 Peas In A Pod

It's been about two weeks since I wrote a Multiple Mondays post. I wasn't planning on doing one of these posts today but after seeing these 3 sweet names I just had to change my plans! I found this newborn triplets on Instagram after they popped up on search page. Instagram must know I'm always on the lookout for cool multiple names because I am always finding twins, triplets, or quadruplets on my search page.

Reese Avi
Reese means in adore in Welsh and Avi, as a male name, means father in Hebrew. I have a little cousin, who's a girl, named Reese so I might be a little biased when I say I love the name. It's a great, spunky unisex name that works amazingly on both genders.

Heath Tillman
Health is an English ahem meaning the heathland dweller and Tillman means one who plows the earth in English. I was never a huge fan of Heath but it has grown on me so much. Tillman is actually really cool and I'm going to guess it's a family name of some sorts.

Hayes Kyle
Hayes means hedged area in English and Kyle is a Scottish name meaning narrow, channel, straits. I love, love, love Hayes! Boy names that end in s are so cool and a huge favorite of mine. Kyle is a name popular to my age group (early 20's) and not something I'm seeing often on little babies.

I love all the names together, especially with their three older siblings, Bo, Mia, and Wes. I wish I knew exactly why they choose these animus because they are a little different than Mia and Wes. If you have any multiples you would like me to feature just tell me below!


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