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My Favorite Girl Names From The Name Sisters

Today is the one year anniversary of the very first Name Sister's show! I really can't believe its been a whole year! The first time I was even contacted to be a part of the show is etched into my mind like it was yesterday. We were all brought together by Alexia Mae in a post on Facebook when most of us didn't really know each other. Today we can say we have all grown to know each other. 

I am so proud of how far we have come and how far we still have to go. Every day we are working to improve ourselves and our show. Because I was so proud of our accomplishment I decide to go back and watch all our episodes to see what names we had mentioned. Than because we mentioned so many names I decide to pick out my ten favorite girl names and my ten favorite boy names. I was going to make one post but than I realized it was going to be extremely long so today you will see the girl names and tomorrow you will see the boy names. 

  • Mentioned by: Amelia
  • Episode: #1; Namer's Round Table 

When I first heard Cressida I thought it was a nice name but I didn't fall in love immediately. After hearing it over and over again through Amelia I fell in love. It's a strong name. It's Greek origins give it an exotic feel and the meaning golden adds to the high end feel. Believe it or not but you can find Cressida in one of Shakespeare's plays. He is actually the one who created the name from the Greek name Chryseis. Cress is an adorable nickname. 

  • Mentioned by: Alexia Mae (Both Episodes
  • Episode: #1; Namer's Round Table and ##3; Bravery in Namery 
Cassia is one of Alexia Mae's favorite names. She introduced me to it in one of the many videos she has done on both her channel and twice on The Name Sisters. I think Cassia is just stunningly beautiful. It's a biblical name. The spice cassia was used by Moses, and Keziah, the Hebrew variant of Cassia is Job's daughter. It's a great alternative to the semi dated Cassandra. Cassia, trees or bushes produce yellow flowers with a substance to cinnamon. Whether you're pronouncing it KAH-shah, KAH-see-uh, or kah-SEE-uh, Cassia is a great name. 

  • Mentioned by: Rebe
  • Episode: #3; Bravery in Namery
Waverly is whimsical, boho name. It often reminds me of Wizards of Waverly Place, the old Disney TV show. I don't think the shows a bad association and by the time your child's old enough to understand it will be extinct. I find the nickname Wave to be cool, nature-y, and summer-y. Spelled Waverley, the name dates back to 1814. It was used by Sir Walter Scott in his novel, bearing the same name, about a soldier named Edward Waverley. 

  • Mentioned by: Meagan
  • Episode: #4; Yes Your Honor 
Magnolia is in my top 3 favorite flower/tree names. The trees are some of the prettiest trees out there with unique leaves. It's a fresh take on the classical name Margaret but it still holds the classic feel. It's also a wonderful Southern name. I'm a huge fan of this name. It has been on my list for a few years now paired with the middle name Beatrice, Magnolia Beatrice. Maggie and Nola/Nolie are both adorable nicknames for it. 

  • Mentioned by: Alena
  • Episode: #5; Alternatives The Rock
Alena featured the name Maeva as an alternative to Ava. Maeve has been growing increasingly popular and Maeva is a nice twist on it. It looks and sounds gorgeous. Although Maeve is an Irish name, Maeva is a French and Tahitian name. It means welcome. You can call her Mae if you wanted to. 

  • Mentioned by: Ren (Me) 
  • Episode: #5; Alternatives The Rock 
I featured the name Romilly in our alternative episode as an alternative to Emily. It was originally a male name, which I can see because it ends in -ly and doesn't scream feminine. A Painter named Augustus John used this name for his son. You can find it one a girl as a middle name for Emma Thompson's daughter Gaia Romilly. The combination is stunning in my eyes. I also adore the nickname Romy. 

  • Mentioned by: Ren (Me) 
  • Episode: #4; Yes Your Honor 
Annora is a name I mentioned during our honoring episode. I love it as a way to honor my grandmother, Anastasia. Annora is one of the unique Ann names out there. I also really adore the name Honora. Annora and Honora both end in the -Ora sound. I find those names to sound very princess-y. If you love Nora but want a longer name for it Annora is perfect. 

  • Mentioned by: Kristen
  • Episode: #4; Yes Your Honor 
I've always really liked the name Isla but was never a fan of the popularity, although it isn't as popular as I think. When it comes to using it I would rather use it in the middle name spot but a lot of my girl names end in an A. Isle fixes that problem. It was mentioned by Kristen in our honoring episode. It's a place name and could be used to honor any island. People might confuse Isle with the word Aisle and if you wanted to be extremely unique you can spell it that way. I think it's a sweet name with an unique sound. Also very rare with little to no information on it. 

  • Mentioned by: Meagan 
  • Episode: #1; Namer's Round Table 
Estelle is gorgeous! It means star and I can tell you that off the top of my head. This name is a throw back to the early 1900's where it was ranked at its highest in 1911 at #106 just shy of the top 100. It stayed around in the top 1000 thought the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, until it slowly dropped off the charts in the early 1960s. I find this name extremely timeless and perfect for any age. Essie or Este are some of the best nicknames out there and work for Estelle. Recently I've really been loving girl names that do not end in A. I find them to be special. 

  • Mentioned by: Rebe
  • Episode: #4; Yes Your Honor 
Clarity is probably the most unique name on this list. It was mentioned by Rebe during our episode about honoring. As you can see from this list I really loved the names in our honoring episode. I fell in love with this name as soon as it left Rebe's mouth. It's great in a guilty pleasure kind of way. Clarity is a wonderful way to honor a Claire or to use a less popular verse of it. Clarity can be a fresh, new take on many virtue names. It sounds very similar to Charity and Chastity. In 2012 the song Clarity by Zedd graced the charts. 


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