Friday, June 5, 2015

Old But Good Birth Announcements

Last summer I did a fun post about names I found on online birth announcements and just realized I haven't done another post since. All of these births were between May 2014-June 2014 in Alabama. It's a different place than last year.

Sora Novia 
Carmah Faye 
Railynn Elise 
Esperanza Faithlyn
Jace Mae
Avalone Lee
Madrea Lynn
Lola Ann
Clara Josephine 
Della Marie 
Finley Blue
Georgette LaVern 
Sisalee Marie 
Solara Rylee 
Pace Hawley 
Andromenda Rose 
Carlicia Michelle 
Haela Brielle
Akira Lina 
Brayla Faith 

Aryan Jericho 
Valentino Joseph 
Desmond Jacob 
River McCoy 
Grayson Dutch
Hagen Chad 
Crew James
Maxton Matthew 
Aleczander Riot
Oswin Mateo 
Summit Waylon 
Croix James Robert 
Kenton Anthony 
Collier Brian 
Matnee Blaine 
Britton Brice 
Canon Beck 
Orrin Reed
Shepherd James 

Deker Lynn 

My Favorite Combos: Clara Josephine and Akira Lina for girls and River McCoy, Canon Beck, and Shepherd James for boys. 

My Favorite Names on Their Own: Novia, Andromenda, and Carlicia for girls and Desmond, Oswin, and Jericho for boys. 

My Favorite Guilty Pleasure Names: Sora, Pace, and Haela for girls and Dutch and Summit for boys. 

What are your favorites? Tell me in the comments below! 



  1. Wow! This is cool! Some of these names are really awesome and then some of them are... not so much. I like Clara Josephine and Solara and Akira on their own. I also kind of like Della Marie, very old-lady chic. For the boys of course I'm crazy about Shepherd James! I also like River McCoy and Grayson Dutch and Collier and Britton on their own. Great find!

    1. I agree theres a wide variety of names on this list. Shepherd is my absolute favorite from this list!



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