Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More Classical Names

I realized after making my last post about classical names back in January that I really liked more than just 10 classic names for boys and girls. There are so many out there that I am loving and I've decided to do another post on the names.

1. Ida
Meaning: Work, Labor
Origin: German 
Ida is similar to popular names like Ava and Ada. I can see people like it because it also ends in the  -da sound. If Ida is too short for you than you can always use Idabelle, another alternative to a popular name Isabelle. 

2. Itzel 
Meaning: Rainbow Lady
Origin: Native American 
Itzel is just a name I've been in love with for days now. It was brought to my attention when I was searching the SSA Name chart. Itzel just screams little old lady, maybe from Russia or Poland. I think it could be so sweet on a little baby girl. 

3. Dorothy 
Meaning: Gift of God
Origin: English
I loved The Wizard of Oz growing up and always think of Dorothy from there. I've seen vintage nicknames like Hattie and Dottie gaining popularity so why not use Dorothy with eh nickname Dottie. 

4. Marjorie
Meaning: Variant of Margaret; Pearl 
Origin: Greek
If Margaret is too common for you Marjorie is a great alternative. They both have the same meaning and they both have similar nicknames. I really enjoy the nickname Marjie, Marrie, or even Jory. 

5. Alma
Meaning: Nourishing 
Origin: Latin 
Alma was just recently used by Perez Hilton for his daughter as a middle name. When celebrities use names they help bring attention to names. Alma has already been on the rise and I wouldn't be surprised if its in the top 500 in 2015. 

6. Blanche 
Meaning: White, Fair 
Origin: French 
If you've ever seen the tv show, The Golden Girls, than you know that Blanche is the name of one of the main characters. Blanche is such a beautiful French name and works really nicely with a winter baby. 

7. Miriam
Meaning: Variant of Mary; Sea of Bitter 
Origin: Hebrew
Miriam is 100% a classical, vintage name. It's so sweet and I wish I met more little girls named Miriam. What amens Miriam even better is the nickname Miri. I think that is one of the coolest nicknames. 

8. Loretta
Meaning: Variant of Lauretta; Laurel 
Origin: English 
Loretta has always been a favorite name of mine. I love the nickname Etta. My neighbor's mom, who I was close with, was named Loretta so I always think of her. Loretta has the same meaning as Lauren, my name, and I think that's pretty cool. 

9. Louisa 
Meaning: Variant of Louis; Man of War
Origin: Latin 
Louisa was never a name I liked but I've noticed that my style has changed and now I am liking names that have an old time feel to them. Louisa is a name fit for a princess, a southern girl, and a celebrity. 

10. Harriet 
Meaning: Feminine variant of Harry; Home Ruler 
Origin: English 
Harriet is a name I associate with a few people including Harriet the Spy and Harriet Tubman. I can remember doing a project in 4th grade on Harriet Tubman. Who wouldn't want to be named after an amazing and inspirational woman?

1. Silas

Meaning: Forest, Woods
Origin: Latin 
Silas ends with the ever popular letter S. I've found a lot more names that end with S. Justin Timeberlake and Jessica Biel just used Silas for their little boy. I didn't think Silas was a classical, vintage name 

2. Calvin 

Meaning: Bald 
Origin: French 
I have to say, Calvin use to be a name I disliked but now I really love it. I am actually thinking about adding it to my long favorite names list. The youtubers, Jared and Ellie, just had a son named Calvin Scott and if you haven't seen their birth video you have to! I think Cal is a pretty cool nickname too. 

3. Clyde 
Meaning: Scottish River Name 

Origin: Scottish
It wasn't until the 19th century that Clyde was used as a given name. Before that it was just the name of a river. If you can get past the infamous association of Bonnie and Clyde, this is a pretty neat name. It is also a throwback to the 1930's where is was in the top 100. 

4. Harold 
Meaning: Army Ruler 

Origin: Old English
Harold is actually a royal name. It was the name of 5 kings of Norway, 3 kings of Denmark, and 2 kings of England. I didn't know that until I was doing reach on the name. Hal is a possible nickname for a little Harold. Personally I think this is a great name. 

5. Walter 

Meaning: Ruler of the Army 
Origin: German 
Walt is such a cool nickname. I think I would defiantly use Walter just for Walt. It reminds me and probably a ton of people of the famous Walt Disney. This name is a prefect fit for a Sir or a Lord. 

6. Gilbert 

Meaning: Bright Pledge 
Origin: German 
Gilbert has that old-man which feel to it and might scare people away. I think pairing Gilbert with the nickname Gib or Gibby makes it fresh and modern. It seems to be on the decline in the past few years. 

7. Roy

Meaning: King 
Origin: French
Roy has been a favorite name of mine for years now. I know a girl who named her son Roy and I was so happy about it. It's short and sweet. Roy has been stuck in the 500 for a few years and doesn't seem to be raising very much. I think it makes a prefect middle name.  

8. Roger

Meaning: Famous Spear 
Origin: German 
I was surprised that Roger was in the top 100. I always thought that it wasn't use very much. That just goes to show that the rank of a name doesn't necessarily mean it is super popular.  Like many other boy names, Roger ends in -er and I can see the appeal. 

9. Albert 

Meaning: Noble, Bright 
Origin: German
The meaning of Albert is pretty great. I think the nickname Al is pretty cute for a little boy. Names ending in T for a boy are gaining popularity, like Beckett and Wyatt. This could be a great way to honor a grandfather. 

10. George 

Meaning: Framer, Earthworker 
Origin: Greek
George is the name of the little Prince and until he was named I was never a fan of this name. Now it's grown on me and I can finally picture it on a little baby boy. With the birth of the new Princess the family has been in the spotlight a lot more and I am hearing George everywhere. 


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