Friday, June 19, 2015

Non-Disney Fictional Princesses

There are both real life and fiction princesses in this world and they all seem to have such beautiful names. A lot of the fiction princesses are from Disney and that's why I decide to focus this list on fictional princesses not from Disney.

Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo "Mia" (Princess Diaries) 
I loved this name from the moment I heard it. Until I saw this movie I didn't know that Mia could be a nickname for Amelia, mind you I was also a young child. I included her full name because it just sounds so pretty and royal when said together. Amelia is currently rank at number 15 and means work in German. Mignonette is a French variant of Mignon meaning cute.

Miri (Princess Academy)
There is a fellow namer named Raya (her youtube is here) that loves the name Miri. I think it is such a pretty name but I prefer it as a nickname. It could be used as a nickname for Mira. Miracle, or Miranda. Miri can be a variant of Mira meaning wonderful, peace, and prosperous in Latin, Slavic, and Hindi.

Eowyn (Lord of the Rings)
Eowyn is pronounced AY-oh-in. I love the -wyn ending and just think this name looks cool. Eowyn is extremely similar to Elowyn, another pretty name. It means horse joy in English. I can see this being a great name to use by someone who rides horses or who loves horses.

Lauranna (Men in Black)
You can say this name two different ways either Lawr-anna or Lor-anna. It really depends on were you are from. I like the latter pronunciation even though I pronounce Lauren with the other one. Lauranna is a Latin variant of Laura or Laurus meaning Laurel. You can also spell it Laurana.

Rosalinda (The Princess Protection Program)
Rosalinda is a great alternative to Rose and other more popular Rose names like Rosalie. I think Rosalinda has a timeless feel to it and ages well. It is a very often used in the Spanish culture. In Latin Rosalinda is a variant of Rosalind meaning gentle horse.

Leia (Star Wars)
Leia is a name that I featured as name of the week because I loved it so much. I think Leia is just gorgeous. If you like Leah but don't like the popularity Leia is a great alternative because it is the Hebrew variant of the name. It means delicate and weary.

Bala (Antz)
Bala is really unique and I had never heard of it before doing research for this post. I think it sounds cool and kind of familiar almost like Kayla. Bala is a Sanskrit name meaning young. I like that it is also short.

Glory (Gulliver's Travels)
Glory is such a cool word name. Who wouldn't want to have glory? It makes a great nickname for Gloria, a name that has an old-lady chic but adding Glory sounds modern. The meaning is simply the English word glory.

Daria (Princess and the Pea)
Daria is the name of an MTV cartoon character and the first thing I think of. It is a very 90's name to me and feels a little dated. This is the only name on the list that doesn't scream princess but still work in a less obvious was. Daria is the feminine form of Darius, which means to possess good.

Fiona (Shrek)
I think Fiona is really pretty. Names that end in -ona have a elegant feel to them. Shrek really brought light to the name and has been slowly creepy up the popularity charts. Fiona is the feminine form of Fionn meaning fair or white in Irish.

Mindy (Spongebob Squarepants Movie)
Mindy is more of a nickname than a full name to me. You can use Melinda as a nickname which Mindy is actually a diminutive of and Melinda itself is a combination name of Mel and inda. Both Mindy and Melinda seem very dated to me but they fit perfectly with the movie.

Celestia (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Celestia sounds so magical and gorgeous. To me it sounds a little more complete than Celeste. It also goes with names like Seraphina and Philomena, names that are longer and pretty uncommon. In Latin Celestia means heavenly. And what little girls are just heavenly?


  1. Great post idea! I love Celestia and all the Celeste names.



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