Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Favorite Boy Names From The Name Sisters

Yesterday I featured my favorite girl names from all of the Name Sister's episodes. Today I have a list of boy names. It was so fun to go back and watch all of our episodes over again. You could see the way we have grown over the episodes the more we did. Be sure you check out yesterday's post and our videos after you are done reading this.


  • Mentioned by: Amelia 
  • Episode: #4; Yes Your Honor

I have adored the name Theodore for many years. Its been on and off my top 10 name list over those years. There's something about the prestigious sound of the name. It could have something to do with Theodore being the name of a president, a novelist, and a painter. This name is a classic throwback to the early 1900s when it was in the top 50. Any boy with the name Theodore can conquer the world.

  • Mentioned by: Kristen 
  • Episode: #4; Yes Your Honor
Blaine is a cool, bad boy name to me. It's an Irish name meaning yellow. The meaning is a little confusing to me because I can't seem to see the name paired with that meaning. This is a name that isn't very popular. It has stayed below #350 since 1900 and in recent years has been on the decline. I think Blaine is short and sweet.  

  • Mentioned by: Alena
  • Episode: #4, Yes Your Honor

I have seen the name Remington used on both boys and girls but in my eyes it is a boy name. In 2014, Remington was #313 and it just ranked for the first time at #685 for girls. It was used back in the 80s on a detective show called Remington Steele, mostly likely a surprise name to the public. Remi is an adorable nickname.

  • Mentioned by: Alena 
  • Episode: #5; Alternatives That Rock 

Alena mentioned this name in our Alternatives episode and she told us of two ways to pronounce it. I say it like lie-ull. If you use the pronunciation you can also spell it Lyle. This name looks like it could be made up but it has old history behind it. We a little help it could come back to modern times. I do enjoy the spelling of it and the meaning as well.

  • Mentioned by: Amelia 
  • Episode: #5; Alternatives That Rock

A few years back I had the name Evander on my top 10 list. I had a lot of longer, Greek names ending in er on my list at that time. In Roman mythology, Evander fought in the Trojan war and founded the city of Pallantium. The city of Rome was later built never that city. If you like Evan you can use it as a nickname for Evander.

  • Mentioned by: Ren (Me) 
  • Episode: #6; Novel Names 
Atlas is my number one boys name right now and I don't see that changing any time soon. I love everything about this name from the history to the uniqueness to the feel I get. Atlases are books filled with maps. I think that giving a child the name Atlas is like giving them the world at their finger tips. There is just so much to love about this name. 

  • Mentioned by: Alexia Mae
  • Episode: #5; Alternatives The Rock 

Alexia Mae used Mattson as an alternative to Mason and I dig it! Mattson can also be an alternative to Matthew or a way to honor one. I have been watching the tv show Revolution on Netflix for the past few weeks and one of the main characters is called Matheson. Matron and Matheson sound extremely similar so I'm really keen to Mattson. It has never ranked in the top 1000.

  • Mentioned by: Meagan 
  • Episode: #5; Alternatives That Rock 

I've always liked the name Ebenezer but am not a huge fan of the Christmas association. I think Eben would be a great alternative to that. It is a short form of the name to begin with. Meagan told us about this name as an alternative to Ethan in our Alternatives That Rock video and it could also be an alternative to Evan. I first heard Eben on a tv show and I can't remember where.

  • Mentioned by: Amelia 
  • Episode: #9; Hello Again, New Again

Moses is a great biblical name. He is one of the more known men of the bible. We have the Ten Commandments because he went up on Mount Sinai and got them. I have really been loving boy names that end in S. I even did a blog post on them! Surprisingly Moses hasn't been very popular over the years. It has stayed in the 400-500's for the past 60-70 years. You would think with its great association people would use it more.

  • Mentioned by: Alexia Mae
  • Episode: #8; Kiss Me, Irish Names

When we did the St. Paddy's Day episode we all picked an Irish person to talk about. I loved Conan O'Brien because I think the name Conan is so cool. It sounds like Ronan and Roman and is also a great alternative to Connor and Collin. I was surprised when I would out Sherlock Holmes created is named Arthur Conan Doyle. Its a stunning combo.


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