Friday, June 12, 2015

Instagram Name Spottings

I always seem to find the coolest and cutest names on instagram. It finally occurred to me that maybe I should share all these great names with you!

Nancy Hope: I seem to be seeing Nancy a lot more and its actually a pleasant surprise.
Wilder Frances (Jessica Simpson's goddaughter): I prefer Wilder on a boy but Frances is a nice middle name. I do think that a more feminine middle name would be great for Wilder.
Jovi Katherine: Jovie is so cool! Katherine helps balance this whole name out.
Selah Joy: Both gorgeous names
Paislynne: It's a cool alternative to Paisley
Ellington Claire: You can use the common nickname Ellie but with a unique name.

Valor Chet: Valor is a great virtue name and I had Chet on my top 20 list a few months back.
Shepherd Zion: Shepherd is in my top 10 list and Zion sounds great with it.
Graydi Cash Kautz: I like Grady but not so much this spelling.
Summit Ander David: Summit it so cool! Reminds me of a mountain.

Lofton and Linden: a set of brothers. I've heard of the name Linden before and I've heard it also used on a girl but I've never heard of Lofton.
Waverly Maye and Avalon Elle: A set of sister. I just love these together!
Holland Ray (b) and Navy Jude (g): I love Holland for a girl and Navy is both a cool name and color.
Meadow Nightingale Shine and Cove Huntington David: A set of boy girl twins. Love love Cove and I think their middle animus are cool.
Kingston John, Raena Marie, and Esme Yvette: Such pretty names and a cute group of siblings.
Scout Rowan (b) and Loie Juliet: Scout is amazing but I think paired with Rowan its a little confusing of the gender. Loie is really different.
Townsend (b) and Hendrix: My first guess is that Townsend is a family name or a surname. I think Hendrix is pretty cool.


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