Monday, June 15, 2015

S Ending

To my surprise a lot of names end in the letter S, both boys and girls. I always thought they were a rarity. Below they'll find a list of my favorite names that end in S. There are more boy names than girls because S endings are more popular for boys.

  1. Amaryllis- To Sparkle in Greek
  2. Hollis- Holly Trees in English
  3. Mavis- Songbird; French 
  4. Olympias- Feminine form of Olympos
  5. Dallas- Meadow Dwelling; Scottish 
  6. Eris- Strife; Greek 
  7. Iris- Rainbow; Greek
  8. Anges- Chaste; Greek 
  9. Ines- Spanish form of Agnes; Chaste
  10. Collins- Possibly derived from Nicolas or Colin

  1. Amos- Carried By God; Hebrew  
  2. Barnabas- Son of Consolation; Aramaic  
  3. Briggs- Bridge Settlement; English 
  4. Erasmus- Beloved. Desired; Greek 
  5. Harris- Son of Harry; English
  6. Amadeus- Love of God; Latin
  7. Achilles- Pain; Greek
  8. Atticus- From Attica; Latin
  9. Atlas- Not Enduring; Greek
  10. Emrys- Immortal One; Welsh
  11. Ignatius- Fire; Latin
  12. Pius- Pious, Dutiful; Latin
  13. Moses- Drawn out of Water, Son, or Deliver; Hebrew
  14. Otis- Wealth; German 
  15. Elias- Jehovah is God; Greek
  16. Hayes- Hedged Area; English 
  17. Rhodes- Where the Roses Grow; Greek 
Sorry this is such a short post! I had a really busy week last week and didn't have much time to write. Hopefully work will slow down and I'll have time to write a ton. Until next time!


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