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Feature Friday: Samantha

Hey guys! I’m back with the next Feature Friday! This week is Samantha! You can find her on formspring, Winterrrose. She also has a youtube ( , blog ( and listography ( Go check her out on all of those places. I had a great time doing this interview with her. So let’s get started.

Me: How did you get into baby names?
Samantha: I've always been curious about names and what they mean. So I've always been interested. I remember being like five and all my dolls had names. Ever since then I've loved names, when I started writing stories it got more prominent then before.

Me: We all started young. :) How old were you when you first started liking baby names?
Samantha: Like really full on liking them and enjoying them would be, probably around eight years old. Sara Evans (country singer) has a son named Avery and I've been obsessing over names ever since I found out what Avery meant.

Me: Aww   What are your current favorite baby names?
Samantha: For girls: Gemma Eloise, Phoebe Adele, Tallulah Wren, Augusta, Evelyn Ruby, and Clara Madeleine. For boys: Alexei Jude, Walker Nathaniel, Declan Ross, Griffin Reid, Atticus James, and Finn Sebastian.

Me: I love your names! If you remember, what were your first favorite baby names?
Samantha: Avery for a girl...I still love Avery for a girl. And for a boy either Alexei or Jacob Amadeus...:)

Me: I really like Avery. Why did you decide to start making videos, blogging, and join formspring?
Samantha: I started because I didn't know that there were people who loved and enjoyed names as much as me! I already had a formspring account from when everyone on twitter a couple years back had one and so I just transformed it into a baby name formspring and here we are:) Blogging I started just a few weeks ago as something I can update more than videos, because the video process takes FOREVER. Videos because it just looked like fun and I really like it.

Me: What has been the most fun about making videos, blogging, and formspring?
Samantha: Most fun? The people...The people are just amazing and so honest and respectful! I've never met more respectful people in my life. And we have more than baby name conversations:)

Me: I agree! The people are great. What has been your favorite video, blog, formspring question (rename, collages, etc.)  you have done?
Samantha: I would have to say the ones that are "What do you associate with me?" or whatever...because the answers usually have something to do with music, Gemma Eloise, or Alexei. Which I love...But I love the rename questions. Especially the Broadway rename one:)

Me: I like those questions. Are you working on any blog post, videos, listography or formspring questions/spams?
Samantha: I'm working on BNG, no spam really, maybe some new combo questions coming out, I'm still trying to do my This or That name video, but that is just going to take forever.:)

Me: I can't wait for them. What do you love about baby names?
Samantha: I love creating combos and finding new names. Meanings are fabulous and I love seeing the rankings on SSA charts. It's so cool.

Me: I love all of those things! What types of baby names to do like (ex. Trendy, vintage, etc.)?
Samantha: What's funny is you can't really pinpoint my names...Because I love all sorts. Mostly I think they should be classified as classic with a modern twist. But I think the best way to describe them is "Samantha's names". Just because they are differ from classic to trendy to vintage. They all have their own feel.:)

Me: haha I am the same way. When did you tell your friends and family about your love to baby names?
Samantha: My mom knows and she really wasn't shocked. Because she was the same way when she was my age. She had my middle name picked out since she was fourteen (it is Joelle by the way) so it's all sorts of cool that we are similar in that sense. My dad doesn't know. My brother thinks it is weird and like I'm going to be pregnant right now. The only friend that really knows is Maryssa and she does not care whatsoever.

Me: That's so cool that your mom was the same way! How did/do your family and friends react to your love for baby names?
Samantha: They just say "Oh that's cool!" And go on...They really don't care as long as I'm not having babies right now, they are perfectly fine with it:)

Me: I love how laid back they are. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your love/addiction/obsession for baby names?
Samantha: I love it too!!! It's so nice because I don't feel weird or anything when I ask my mom, "How would you react if you had a grandson or granddaughter named yadda yadda?" She answers honestly every time!!! On I scale of 1-10, I'd say about a 7. It's not too much but it's perfect because I always have names on my mind for some reason:)

Me: That's cool. I always have names on my mind too! What is the reason behind your formspring, youtube, and blog name?
Samantha: Formspring is my twitter handle...When I made my formspring I few years back that's the one I used because...And I've always been fascinated by roses and winter is my favorite season. For youtube, I was always the "preppy" girl in school and I chose the spelling Preppi because it looked cuter and 1 capital O 1 was because 101 was already taken:) My blog/listography name is just as it says: Crazy Viola Player. I play the viola and have since I was in the 4th grade so it's perfect. I just added the word Names to end for the title of my blog:)

Me: I like how you came up with them. Do you have a favorite baby namer (YouTube, blog, formspring, etc.)?
Samantha: Thank you:) Not really, all of them are my favorites...But if I had to choose I adore Katie (ghostofjupiter) and Stevie (lepetitviolet) on Formspring:) On youtube probably Anastasia Ruby:)

Me: You’re welcome. Do you have a #1 fan on your blog, listography, videos, formspirng or someone who you talk to a lot because of them?
Samantha: That would be probably Gabby (LunaScarlett), Julia (PrincessJulia37), and Bailey (BaileyBoo1011)...They are just amazing and always are here...And maybe a little Stevie (lepetitviolet) too:)

Me: yeah they are :) What inspired you to make a blog, formspring, listography, and videos besides baby names?
Samantha: A blog because I love talking about beauty and TV. Formspring was twitter. Listography as a way of keeping track of TV shows and favorites. And videos, because fandoms are amazing. They become like your second family:)

Me: Yeah I agree. We are down to the last 5 questions! Where do you find your baby names at?
Samantha: I find them on Nameberry, TV Shows,, just looking around on the web honestly:)

Me: I do too. Do you know anyone in real life that has a formspring, youtube, and/or blog?
Samantha: Nope sadly:( My friends won't do it as much as I try to get them. It makes me sad, but whatever, they don't have to.

Me: I know no one too :( We are down to our last 3 questions! Random fact about you?
Samantha: Random fact about me? Umm...I grew up in a dog show family...I've been around dogs all my life and dog shows:)

Me: That's so cool! What did you think of this interview?
Samantha: It's fun!! I've never really though about some of these questions before until you asked them:) It's extremely interesting to sit down and think about these answers:)

Me: I know. While I am doing the interviews I am always thinking about what I would say. Is there anything else you would like to add?
Samantha: Other than thank you so much for this great interview nothing else really!!! Now I must go do dishes:) haha

Me: You’re very welcome. I had fun with it.

So that is the interview. I hope you liked it and don’t forget to check out all of Samantha’s stuff. Comment below and let me know what you thought. Bye for now :).

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