Thursday, August 30, 2012

Surfer Names

Hey guys! I have another summer themed blog post for you today. This time it is going to be on surfer names. I have 10 girl and 10 boy names for you. So let’s get started.

  1. Sage- This name is for Sage Erickson. Sage means herb or prophet in English.
  2. Erica- This name is for Erica Hosseini. Erica means always ruler in English.
  3. Layne- This name is for Layne Beachley (haha). Layne means dweller by the road in English.
  4. Silvana- This name is for Silvana Lima. Silvana means forest in Latin.
  5. Rosanne- This name is for Rosanne Hodge. Rosanne means gracious rose in Latin.
  6. Paige- This name is for Paige Hareb. Paige means assistant in English.
  7. Coco- This name is for Coco ho. Coco means chocolate bean in American.
  8. Maya- this name is for Maya Gaberira. Maya means form of May or Maia in English.
  9. Stephanie- This name is for Stephanie Gilmore. Stephanie means crown in French.
  10. Monyca- This name is for Monyca Bryne Wickey. Monyca means advisor in Latin.

  1. Laird- This name is for Laird Hamilton. Laird means Lord in Scottish.
  2. Dane- This name is for Dane Reynolds. Dane means God is my judge or from Denmark in Scandanivan.
  3. Kelly- This name is for Kelly Slater. Kelly means bright-headed in Irish.
  4. Taj- This name is for Taj Burrow. Taj means crown in Arabic.
  5. Sunny- This name is for Sunny Garcia. Sunny means sunny in English.
  6. Clyde- This name is for Clyde Aikau. Clyde means Scottish river name in Scottish.
  7. Adriano- This name is for Adriano de Souza. Adriano means person from Hadria (Northern Italy) in Spanish.
  8. Bede- This name is for Bede Durbidge. Bede means saint of scholars in English.
  9. Mick- This name is for Mick Flanning. Mick means who is like God? In English.
  10. Simon- This name is for Simon Anderson. Simon means to be heard in Hebrew.

So that is my list. I hope you liked it. I will be home in a couple of days and I’m not sure if I will be posting right away. Don’t forget to comment and tell me what you thought. Bye for now :). 

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