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Formspring's Favorite Names

Hey Guys! I am still on vacation but I do have a blog post for you. This post is about my favorite names that are formspringer’s favorite names. I ask people on formspring to give me their favorite names and now I am going to tell you which names I liked from each person. I did get just first names and then I got some combos but I will only be telling you the first names that I liked. Also some names were repeated by different people and if I liked them I would just talk about them under the person who said it first. This idea came from Kinley ( She also has blog ( and is going to do this post. As of right now she hasn’t put the post up yet but when she does I will link the post. So let’s get started.

Arlo and Juliet
I love the name Arlo and the only time I hear it is when she talks about it. Juliet is such a cute and girly name that I can see aging nicely. I do prefer Juliet spelled Juliette.

Matilda, Alice and Florence and Theodore, Ezra and Jude
Matilda is a great name and has been a favorite of mine for some time now. It has also been my favorite movie almost my whole life. Alice is such a sweet name and I love it. Florence is a new love of mine. I like how old ladyish it sounds.
Theodore is my favorite boy name right now. I just love it. Ezra has just started to grow on me. I use to hate the name but now I really love it. Jude is one of my top middle names. I also like it as a first name.

Fallyn and Tobin
I have always liked the name Fallyn and have just started to like that spelling. Tobin is a new name to me. I have known about the name Tobias but Tobin is so much nicer to me.

Adelie, and Rosella, and Asher and Rowan.
Adelie is such a cute name. I really love all of the Add- names. Rosella is a new name to me. I have heard her ask question about it before but now I love it.
Asher was one of my top names a couple of years ago and I still like it. Rowan is a name that I find to be very nice and cool.

Coralie, Talulah, January, Weston and Archer
Coralie is such a cute name and I really love it. Talulah is a favorite of mine and has some meaning behind it for me. January is a gp name and I am glad is loves it and is using it as a first name.
I love the nickname West and Weston is so much better than Wesley. Archer is a name I don’t hear very often and I like to hear it.

Bayli (AvenueAsher)
Clara and Celeste and Atlas and Simon
I love the name Clara. It is so sweet and it reminds me of a polite little girl. Celeste is a cool and spunky name that on really uses.
Atlas is in my top 10! I hardly ever see someone liking this name and I am glad she does. Simon is one of my favorite s names for boys. I like the sound of it.

Kaitlyn (Kaitlyn94Marie)
Avia and Declan
I love the name Avia and all of the other Av- names. Declan is so cute and I once know a boy named Declan. Avia and Declan make a great sibset too.

Gemma and Blair and Atticus and Walker
Gemma is such a great name. I love it and can see her naming her baby Gemma. Blair is a spunky cool name that I can see on a popular girl.
Atticus is in my top 20 and I wish more people used it. Walker reminds me of cowboys for some reason haha :). I still love it though.

Dayton (DaytonsNames)
Price and Sebastian and Poet and Ever
I love her naming style. Price is such a great name and I first heard it from her. Sebastian is a nice long name. I tried to get my brother to use it as his conformation name. I really like it.
Poet is a gp name for me. I just love the sound of it. Ever is one of my favorite 1 syllable names for girls.

Lyndsey (LNR87)
Isabella and Hendrix, Kendrick and Kipp
Isabella was one of the first baby names that I ever liked. I still like it. I love names with x in them and Hendrix is one of them. It is another name that I find spunky. There was a player on the Phillies with the last name Kendrick and when I first heard it I was like how cool is that name!

Saki (SakiHeart)
Averell, Circe, Skylark, Roanna, and December, and Storm, Emrys, and Falcon
I love Av- naems and Averell is one of them. It is such a cool name that you never hear and like that. Circe sounds so cool. Saki is the first time I heard it and I have really liked it since. Skylard is cool and I like how you can get Sky as a nickname without using Skylar. Roanna is an amazing name. I like the ro sounds and how it ends in anna. December is a gp for me and I love how she had it as a first name.
Storm is one of my favorite nature names. It is something I would love to hear on a little boy. Emrys is a name that I have really started to like over the last couple of days. I really like how it sounds. I love the name Falcon and for me it is an honoring name.

Alena (alenajingle)
Theron and Keturah
I love the way Theron sounds. I think it could be up there with the popular names. Ther is a great nickname. Katurah is one of my favorite k names. I like how exotic it sounds. It has a little edge to it.

Megan (xNutMegx56)
Maxim, Garrett and Darcy
Maxim is a great name. You can use the nickname Max but still have the cool edgy sound of Maxim. Garrett is common favorite name of mine. I love the nickname Rhett.

Nell, Clementine and Warren
Nell is a great name. I prefer it as a nickname other than a first name but it is still great. I like Clementine is a very cute name. I like how long it is and how not many people use it. Warren is a great name, although it makes me think of Legally Blondes.

Stevie (lepetitviolet)
Violet and Callum
Violet is such a sweet name and I can see it on all ages. I do think of the Charlie and Chocolate Factory and when they say “Violet your turning Violet!”  when I hear this name. Callum is a very nice name. I really like it and can’t wait to meet a baby named this ;P.

Blake, Isla and Dahlia
Blake is a name that I picture on a popular boy, one that has all the friends and is cool. I really like it but it is being used for girls more. Isla is probably one of my favorite I names. It sounds so cool and makes me think of movie stars. Dahlia is so cool. I really like it and it is a little better than Delilah.

Hugo, Apollo, Hazel, Athena, and Ophelia
Hugo is in my top 10. I love it and prefer it over Hugh. Apollo is in my top 20 and I love the grand feel it has. It is such a strong name too. Hazel is one of the names I hate almost my whole life. I now love it and actually like seeing it. Athena is my number 1 girl name. I love it so much. Ophelia is in my top 10. I really like it but it has been going down on my list because pronouncing it is a little hard for me for some reason. I still really love the name.

Gabby (LunaScarlett)
Aurora, Liviana, Bellatrix, Nerissa, Jacoby, Draco, and Nolan
I love the name Aurora. I remember hearing it and falling in love. Aurora suits Gabby so well. Liviana is one of my favorite L names. It is so pretty and feminine. Bellatrix is an awesome name! I love that it ends in an x. Nerissa is so cool and exotic to me. I just love it.
Jacoby is so cool sounding. I love it as an alternative to Jacob. I love Draco! I hate the name Drake though which is kind of strange. This is another name that suits Gabby so well. Nolan has been a favorite of my for a couple of years on. I really like the sound of it and can picture it on a cool, popular boy.

Cheridel (cheridel)
Lyric and Cody
I love the name Lyric. It sounds so pretty and kind of nature-y. I just love saying it. Cody is something that has been growing on me lately. I use to not like it but no I really do. It's a nice name. 

So that is all of the names and people. I had fun looking at everyone’s names and finding names that I liked out of them. I hope you liked this post and don’t forget to comment and tell me what you thought. Thanks to all of the people who gave me their names. Bye for now :). 

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