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This or That

Hey guys! Everyone on formspring was asking people to give them this or that’s and they would make a video about it. I am doing the same thing only I am making a post about it. I will tell you who they are from and links to their formspring and stuff. I got so names so let’s get started.

These ones are from Saki (SakiHeart)

Aten [ah-TEHN] or Nefertari [nehf-er-TAHR-ee]: Aten I like both but Aten is short and sweet.
Circe [SUR-see] or Skylark: Circe I loved both and it was hard to pick!
Cleo or Isla: Isla This one was also hard to pick because I loved both!
Aria or Maya [MYE-ǝ]: Aria although Maya is cute too
Winry or Winter: Wintry I like it because it is unusual
Tanwen [TĂN-wǝn] or Guinevere: Tanwen I love –wen names.

Declan or Leonardo: Leonardo I loved both of these names equal and it was so hard to pick!
Caleb or Caspian: Caleb Another hard one! I love both equally!
Emery (b) or Emrys [EHM-rihs]: Emrys I really like this name. It is cute.
Finnegan or Hunter: Finnegan Love, love, love this name!
Zephaniah [zeph-ǝ-NYE-ǝ] or Hezekiah [heh-zeh-KYE-ǝ]: Hezekiah I like Hezekiah and don’t really like Zephaniah
Lev or Dex: Dex Love Dex and names with x in them

These ones are from Katie (AvonleaGrace)

Vera or Veda: Veda I had a hard time picking because I love both names equally.
Lily or Rose: Lily I really love both names but I picked Lily because I like it just a very tiny bit more.
Tatiana or Tristana: Tristana I really like this name and this is my first time hearing it.
Marley or Molly: Molly I had such a hard time picking because I love both
Clara or Cara: Clara This is one for my favorite names

Dane or Dean: Dean I have a cousin named Dean and I am kind of mad I can’t use this name
Odin or Owen: Odin I love both but Odin isn’t as popular as Owen
Finley or Finnegan: Finnegan I love this name
Sebastian or Soren: Sebastian I really like this name and tried to get my brother to use it as his Conformation name
Falcon or Fallon: Falcon I prefer Fallon on a girl and Falcon is kind of honoring is a way for me.

These names are from Hannah (hannahthenamer)

Delilah or Carly: Delilah I like this name with the nickname Lila
Victor or Valentina: Valentina I don’t really care for Victor
Kerensa or Rhiannon: Kerensa I love K names and this is such a nice name
Haven or April: Haven I like this name and April reminds me of Teen Mom
Nia or Summer: Summer I love the name Summer

ALL of these names are from Lyndsey (LNR87)

Saber vs Sable: Sable I like this because it is short and sweet  
Annabell vs Isabella vs Arabella: Arabella I love all three names and picked Arabella because I love the nickname Ari
Ashley vs Ashlyn: Ashley It’s my middle name
Easton vs Emma: Easton I really like this one a boy and it is less popular than Emma  
Kadence vs Kaydence / Cadence vs Caydence: Kaydence and Cadence although overall I like the k spelling
Amber vs Amberly: Amberly I like Amberly but hate Amber
Rayne vs Skye: Skye I love this as a middle name
Rain vs Rayne: Rayne because the other one makes me think of the weather
Elena vs Ellery: Ellery I love both but prefer Elena spelled Alena
Estelle vs Stella: Stella This is such a pretty name
Fiona vs Florence: Florence I love this name with the nickname Flo or Flora
Florence vs Flo: Florence with the nickname Flo
Gabriella vs Gabrielle : Gabrielle I think Gabriella is too long
Lennon vs Lennox: Lennox I like it because it has an x in it. I also like both names on a boy or girl
Lorelei vs Rory vs Lori: Lorelei I like this name with the nickname Rory
Lyndon vs Landon vs London: Landon I have this as a middle name for Theodore
Nala vs Nahla : Nahla I like the h one better
Rose vs Rosemary: Rosemary with the nickname Rose
Remy vs Romy: Romy as a nickname
Vanessa vs Victoria: Vanessa although I like both equally
AJ vs Alexzander: Alexzander maybe with the nickname AJ
Alexander vs Alexzander: Alexander I don’t like the z in it
Hendrix vs Kendrick: Hendrix Love both but I said Hendrix because it has an x in it
Kipp vs Jayden: Kipp I don’t like Jayden at all
Coal vs Cole: Cole It looks more like a name
Falcon vs Finley: Finley Although it is becoming more popular on a girl
Miles vs Niles: Miles I like both though
Nabil vs Noel: Noel I liked both equally
Ethan vs Evan: Evan I like this as a nickname for Evander
Joseph vs Joe vs Joey vs Joel: Joel It sounds more modern than the others
Kristopher vs Christopher: Christopher This is one time I don’t like k names
Oliver vs Olive vs Olivia vs Liv: Olive I love this as a nickname for Olivette
Rafferty vs Ezra: Ezra I have just started liking this name
Storm vs Sky: Storm I loved both but picked Storm because I would use it as a first name but I wouldn’t use Sky as a first name
Maris vs Matteo: Maris I loved both names though
Matthew vs Matteo: Matteo I love this name and know a little boy named this
Charles vs Charlie vs Charz: Charles This is my dad’s name
Annabell vs Annalise: Annalise I like this name but prefer it spelled Anneliese
Beatrix vs Beatrice vs Bellatrix: Beatrix I love all of the names
Bethany vs Beth: Bethany with the nickname Beth
Carly vs Clara vs Clary: Clara I love this name
Ella vs Ellie: Ella This is my cousin’s name
Emma vs Essery: Essery I really like this name and this is the first time I have heard it
Josephine vs Josephina: Josephine I love this name
Julia vs Juliet vs Juilette: Juliette I love this spelling
Ottilie vs Odette: Ottilie I loved both!
Zeppelin vs Zepplyn: Zepplyn on a girl

Sebastian as a first or middle name or not at all? First although I do like it as a middle
Cornelius as a first or middle name or not at all? Middle although it is okay as a first

These are from Rachel (racheleih)
Arlo or Asa: Arlo I love this name
Miller or Milo: Milo I kind of like Miller on a girl
Norah or Noah: Noah because I don’t like Nora with an h
Jack or Jackson: Jack because it sounds nicer
Harry or Harrison: Harrison This is in my top 10
Jacqueline or Josephine: Josephine I love this as a middle name
Isla or India: Isla I loved both!
Paloma or Valentina: Valentina I really like this name
Matthew or Matteo: Matteo I love the name Matteo

And the last ones are from Jessica (AliceDownUnder)

Avril or Ava:  Ava because Avril makes me think of the singer
Paloma or Everleigh: Everleigh because I don't really like Paloma 
Jemma or Jemima: Jemma because Jemima makes me think of the syrup
Jemma or Gemma: Gemma because I don't like the j spelling
Jessica or Genvieve: Jessica I loved both equally so it was hard to pick
Maya or Milena: Milena I like the sound of it better
Tarrik or Tariq: Tarrik I like the k better
Elijah or Richard: Elijah becasue Richard sounds old to me
April or Mae: Mae because April makes me think of Teen Mom
Kara or Catherine: Kara I would have picked Catherine had it been spelled with a k
Felicia or Felicity: Felicity because I'm not a fan of Felicia

So that was all the names I got. I hope you liked it and if you have any questions as to why I picked those names leave a comment below. Bye for now :).

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