Monday, August 20, 2012

"Rare" A Boy Names

Hey Guys! I have the next part of the “rare” names for you. This time I will be doing the “rare” A names for boys. I go on vacation in 4 days and I am almost done completing the posts for that week. I only have 2 left and I am hoping to finish them today. Anyway let’s get started.

  1. Aidric- Aidric’s sister would be Savina and his brother would be Tavis. Aidric means blessed ruler in English. I really like Aidric. It is a name I had never heard before and I really like it.
  2. Alban- Alban’s sister would be Linden and his brother would be Tobin. Alban means from Alba in Latin. Alban is nice but it kind of makes me think of an old man.
  3. Alistair- Alistair’s sister would be Elspeth and his brother would be Evander. Alistair means man’s defender in English. I think Alistair is a cool and grand name.
  4. Alton- Alton’s sister would be Embry and his brother would be Harris. Alton means old town in English. I think Alton could go with the rest of the popular names. It’s nice.
  5. Ambrose- Ambrose’s sister would be Philomena and his brother would be Leopold. Ambrose means immortal in Greek. I love this name! The first time I hear it was from Amelia ( in one of her videos.
  6. Angus- Angus’s sister would be Maisie and his brother would be Fraser. Angus means one choice in Celtic. I don’t really like this name.
  7. Apollo- Apollo’s sister would be Athena and his brother would be Orion. Apollo means destroyer in Greek. I love the name Apollo. There is a mom blog I read and her son’s name is Apollo. He is the cutest thing ever.
  8. Archer- Archer’s sister would be Harper and his brother would be Fletcher. Archer means bowman in Latin. I like Archer. You don’t hear it very often but at the same time it isn’t too out there.
  9. Arlo- Arlo’s sister would be Audra and his brother would be Ezra. Arlo means barberry tree in Spanish. I love the name Arlo. It is so cute and short. I read a blog were the little boy’s name is Arlo.
  10. Armand- Armand’s sister would be Zelda and his brother would be Edmond. Armand means soldier in French. I don’t really like Armand.
  11. Arnold- Arnold’s sister would be Lorene and his brother would be Vernon. Arnold means eagle ruler in French and German. When I hear this name I think of the show Hey Arnold.

So that is my list I hope you liked it and don’t forget to comment. I will be putting up more of the series later on. I will also be putting up more of the Top Debuts series. Bye for now :).

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  1. Love Alistair, Aidric and Apollo.

    Angus and Archer are nice, but not at all rare here.

    1. I love them too. I know! Some of the names are so far from rare on the list.



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