Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Themed Book Names

Hey guys! I have another summer/beach themed post for you. This time it is going to be names from summer themed books. I only have 7 books for you today but they are all good books that I have read. So let’s get started.

Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Oakler
  1. Anna- This name is for Anna (no last name). Anna means gracious, merciful in Hebrew.
  2. Frankie- This name is for Frankie (no last name). Frankie means French in Latin. She is a girl.
  3. Matt- This name is for Matt (no last name). Matt means gift of God in English.

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han
  1. Isabel- This name is for Isabel “Belly” Conklin. Isabel means God is my oath in Spanish.
  2. Conrad- This name is for Conrad Fisher. Conrad means bold counsel in English.
  3. Jeremiah- This name is for Jeremiah Fisher. Jeremiah means God will up lift up in Hebrew.
  4. Susannah- This name is for Susannah “Beck” Fisher. Susannah means lily in Hebrew.
  5. Laurel- This name is for Laurel Conklin. Laurel means Laurel in English.
  6. Steven- This name is for Steven Conklin. Steven means crown in Greek.
  7. Cameron- This name is for Cam Cameron. Cameron means bent nose in Scottish.

That Summer by Sarah Dessen
  1. Haven- This name is for Haven McPhail. Haven means safe place in English.
  2. Mac- This name is for Mac MacPhail. Mac means son in Scottish.
  3. Ashley- This name is for Ashley McPhail. Ashley means from the ash tree field in English.
  4. Sumner- This name is for Sumner Lee. Sumner means summoner in Latin.
  5. Casey- This name is for Casey Melvin. Casey means vigilant in war in Irish. She is a girl.

Beach Blondes by Katherine Applegate
  1. Summer- This name is for Summer Smith. Summer means summer in English.
  2. Adam- This name is for Adam (no last name). Adam means man, of the earth in Hebrew.
  3. Diver- This name is for Diver (no last name). Diver is a Dutch name.
  4. Seth- This name is for Seth (no last name). Seth means appointed in Hebrew.

Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson
  1. Leeda- This name is for Leeda Cawley-Smith. Leeda means glory in Afghan.
  2. Murphy- This name is for Murphy McGowen. Murphy means descendant of sea warrior in Irish. She is a girl.
  3. Birdie- This name is for Birdie Darlington. Birdie means bright; famous; little bird in English.

Two Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt
  1. Courtney- This name is for Courtney McSweeney. Courtney means a French Dynasty name in English.
  2. Jordan- This name is for Jordan Richman. Jordan means to flow down in Hebrew. He is a boy.

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen
  1. Auden- This name is for Auden Penelope West. Auden means half Danish in English.
  2. Eli- This name is for Eli Joseph Stock. Eli means height in Hebrew.
  3. Hollis- This name is for Hollis West. Hollis means near the Holly in English. He is a boy.
  4. Maggie- This is for Maggie (no last name). Maggie means pearl in English.
  5. Robert- This name is for Robert West. Robert means bright fame in English.
  6. Heidi- This is for Heidi West. Heidi means of noble kin in German.
  7. Thisbe- This name is for Thisbe “Isby” Caroline West. Thisbe means Lover in Greek.

So that is all of the books and names I have for you. I have read all of these books and they were all great. I hope you like them and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :). 

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  1. I didn't realise Diver was a Dutch name! When I first read the name, I just assumed it was another one of those Gunner/Hunter names - until of course I read on.

    1. I didn't even know Diver was a name!I thought it was just something the author wanted to use as a name.



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