Sunday, August 19, 2012

Unisex Names

Hey guys! The post I have for today is inspired from another baby name blogger. Her name is Kirstie. She did a post about unisex names and which gender she prefers them on. 
I thought it would be fun so I am going to do the same post with the names she had. Let’s get started.

Addison: GIRL
Angel: GIRL (althought I HATE this name!)
Arden: GIRL (sometimes I like it on a boy)           
Ashley: GIRL
Aubrey: GIRL
Avery: GIRL (sometimes I like it on a boy)

Bailey: GIRL
Billie: GIRL (but only this spelling)
Blair: GIRL
Brennan: BOY
Bryce: BOY

Campbell: BOY
Carter: BOY
Casey: BOTH (a teeny tiny bit more on a girl)
Chandler: BOY
Charlie: BOY
Chelsea: GIRL
Courtney: GIRL

Dallas: BOY (I’m starting to like it on a girl though)
Darby: GIRL
Darcy: GIRL
Delaney: GIRL
Dylan: BOY

Elliott: BOY (I like it on a girl as a gp)
Ellis: BOY
Ellison: Both (but a little more on a boy)
Emerson: GIRL
Emery: BOTH
Esra/Ezra: BOY (but the spelling Esra on a girl)
Evelyn: GIRL
Ever: GIRL

Fallon: GIRL
Finley: BOY
Frances/Francis: BOY

Gardner: BOY
Greyson: BOY

Hadley: GIRL
Harper: GIRL
Hayden: BOY
Hunter: BOY

Izzy: GIRL
Indiana: GIRL

James/Jaymes: BOY (but Jaymes on a girl)
Jesse: BOY
Jette: GIRL (this spelling for girl and Jett for boy)
Jude: BOY

Keegan: BOY
Kelly: GIRL
Kendall: GIRL

Landry: GIRL
Langley: GIRL
Laurence: BOY
Leigh/Lee: GIRL (Lee on a boy though)
Leighton: GIRL
Lindyn: GIRL

Mackenzie: GIRL
Madison: GIRL
Marion: BOY
Marlo: GIRL
Mason: BOY
Matisse: GIRL
Micah: BOY
Mirren: BOY
Mischa: GIRL
Monroe: GIRL

Noel: GIRL

Parker: BOY
Payton: BOTH (I like Paityn on a girl)
Perry: BOY
Piper: GIRL
Phoenix: BOTH
Presley: BTOH

Quinn: GIRL

Reese: BOTH (I like it a little more for a girl)
Riley: BOTH (I like it a little more on a girl)
Rowan: BOTH (I like it a little more on a boy)

Shay: BOY
Sheridan: BOY
Shiloh: GIRL
Skylar: GIRL
Spencer: BOY
Sterling: BOY

Tatum: GIRL
Tristan: BOY

Those are the names she had but I am going to add a few more.

Jordan: BOTH (I like it a little more on a girl though)
Cameron: GIRL (I kind of like it on a boy too)
Devon: BOY
Drew: BOY
Evan: BOY
Gray: BOY
Harley: BOTH (I like it a little more for a girl)
Nico: BOY (I am starting to like it on a girl)
Taylor: BOTH (I like it a little more for a girl)
Lane: BOY
Reagan: GIRL
True: GIRL
Valentine: GIRL  

So that is the list. I hope you liked it and don’t be afraid to do your own blog post or video on our post. I had fun doing this post. Thanks Kirstie for the idea. Comment below and tell me what you thought. Bye for now :). 

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  1. I want to start making baby name videos again && I'll make my first one (in like a year!!) using the names you came up with! :)

    1. Awww I am so honored. I can't wait to see it :)

  2. You will find unisex baby names with meaning with origin and Etymology here.



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