Saturday, August 11, 2012

MLB Seires: Tampa Bay Rays

Hey Guys! I’m back with another blog post in the MLB series. Today I am doing the Tampa Bay Rays. Right now I am away seeing a college but I had this post set to come out while I was gone. So lets get started.

  1. Burke- This name is for Burke Badenhop. He is number 31, a pitcher, and 29 years old. Burke means from the fortress in French. I love the name Burke. I know a few other people are liking the name Burke also.
  2. Price- This name is for David Price. He is number 14, a pitcher, and 27 years old. Price means prize in French. I really like the name Price on a boy. It sounds so much like the name Bryce.
  3. Elliot- This name is for Elliot Johnson. He is number 9, an infielder, and 28 years old. Elliot means the Lord is my God in English. I really like the name Elliot but spelled Elliott. I also like it on a girl.
  4. Davis- This name is for Wade Davis. He is number 40, a pitcher, and 27 years old. Davis means son of David in English. I know some people like this name but I could never see it as a first name because I have relatives with this as a last name.
  5. Rodney- This name is for Fernando Rodney. He is number 53, a pitcher, and 35 years old. Rodney means from the island in the swift river in English. I really like the name Rodney but it makes me think of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

  1. Joyce- This name is for Matt Joyce. He is number 20, an outfielder, and 28 years old. Joyce means little Lord in English. I love the Name Joyce with the nickname Joy. It is such a cute and sweet name.
  2. McGee- This name is for Jake McGee. He is number 57, a pitcher, and 26 years old. McGee means Son of Hugh in Irish. I really like Mc/Mac- names on girls and this one fits in the category.

So that is my list. I hope you liked it and don’t forget to comment. I only have 3 more post in the MLB Series left and then we are on to the next series. I will also be picking the next FF person tomorrow. Bye for now :).

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