Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hey guys! I am so busy today that I have a name for you instead of a list. The name I have for you is Sailor. It is one of my very favorite names right now. It used to be guilty pleasure but now I love it so much that I have moved it to my top. Sailor means boat man in American. I can see it on a little blonde haired girl. It reminds me of summer a lot too. So that is all I have for you now. Bye for now :). 

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  1. Sailor's really growing on me for a girl ^.^ It's been on my boys GP list for a long while, but I haven't started liking it on a girl until recently =)

    1. I'm glad it is! After hearing you say you like it on a boy I was thinking I can see it on a boy.

    2. I'm starting to be able to see myself using it more too (for both genders) =D Who knows, maybe it'll find its way to my list soon ^.^ It does have a similar quality as Sky =) I'm starting to like Sky on a boy even more than Jakob, which I've loved since I was a kid!

    3. The more you hear it the more you will like it. I think.
      It does!
      It looks like you are having a change of heart! Jakob (with the K) reminds me so much of you!

    4. Yup haha ^.^ Sky has officially surpassed Jakob as my #3 favorite boys name. I'm loving it!

      With the spelling "Jakob" it's technically from a different origin and should be pronounced as [yah-KOHB] I believe. I'm still pronouncing it like Jacob though ^.^



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